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BudBlockz (BLUNT) and Polygon (MATIC) Are The Only Coins You Need To Survive The Crypto Winter

nvestors looking to elude bearish trends and save themselves from great mental anguish are advised by experts to invest in BudBlockz and Polygon.

A recession in the crypto market tends to leave investors dull and devoid of activity.

Capitalists must endure blows inflicted upon them by the sudden price drop. Investors can avoid these blows by purchasing assets that show no response to the ongoing bearish trends. BudBlockz and Polygon are two great examples of such firms whose token prices are immune to heavy fluctuations.

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An Opening Statement To BudBlockz:

BudBlockz is an ultimate cannabis investment and e-commerce platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The firm helps to further the cannabis sector by creating a secure marketplace where client privacy, data storage, and transparency are highly important.

Budblockz also aids cannabis firms in improvising logistics, data management, and ensuring transparency. It also makes access to the cannabis markets seamless for the average consumer. The firm is good at striking up partnerships with newly birthed dispensaries and farms. This helps them achieve one of their aims which is to expand globally.

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Here’s What BudBlockz Has To Offer:

BudBlockz has floated 10,000 phenomenal NFTs called Ganja Guruz on the Ethereum blockchain. Individuals who buy these NFTs become verified community members. After going through a KYC application, these individuals become eligible to invest in the fractional ownership market.

The fractional ownership market provides capitalists with the exciting opportunity of investing in cannabis farms and dispensaries and becoming co-owners. Earnings from these farms and dispensaries are distributed amongst the owners in the form of dividend income.

BudBlockz has laid the foundations of an NFT marketplace that stands unrivaled in its characteristics of user authorization, compatibility, and ease of use. The firm backs up community members who wish to create and sell their own NFTs. The creation and sale of NFTs on the marketplace can be a great way for users to earn BLUNT.

Other ways in which users can earn BLUNT include petition signing, participating in P2E games, and staking their BLUNT tokens. The advantages of holding the Ganja Guruz NFT are manifold. Holders of these digital assets get free membership to dispensaries throughout the globe, receive attractive discounts, and have access to the fractional ownership market.

The firm offers BudSwap, a great DeFi platform where users can trade BLUNT and other ERC-20 tokens. BudSwap will be linked with the firm’s wallet to ensure the safe passage and storage of tokens. The BudBlockz wallet will be protected by private keys, which will be handed over to the users and its record deleted from the database. These wallets will thus have only one true owner.

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Polygon And Its Enticing Traits:

Polygon is a leading blockchain platform congruent with the Ethereum blockchain. The platform offers swift transactions associated with a very low transaction fee. Polygon also offers more than 20% as annual staking rewards.


The prevailing and any forthcoming crypto winter can be dodged by investing in BudBlockz and Polygon.

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Purchase or learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: Presale Registration:: BudBlockz Community Links:

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