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BudBlockz, Mini Football, and Tamadoge the Next Crypto Moon Shoots?

Three groundbreaking crypto projects Tamadoge, Minifootball, and BudBlockz have created a furor as the token price is only surging. Crypto enthusiasts can now buy these coins through leading decentralized exchanges or directly through their presales.

All eyes are going to be on the price of these tokens in the coming months, and rightly so, as they are not showing any signs of slowing down in the near future. We are going to take a look at each of them separately.

1. BudBlockz – New project with 1000x potential

BudBlockz is developing a community for the improvement of the cannabis industry. Its platform will be advantageous for all everyone involved, including farms, users, cafes, dispensaries, related businesses, and people looking to invest in the growing sectors.

BudBlockz’s platform facilitates the selling, buying, and trading of virtual and physical cannabis items. It is a decentralized financial world with the first asset-backed NFTs of the world for cannabis products, with its token $BLUNT used as the exchange medium.

Since it is built on blockchain technology, investors can gain exposure to the cannabis sectors and cryptocurrency, regardless of the local laws and location. It enables them to invest and allows the industry to expand. Moreover, investors who buy an NFT will gain percentage ownership of a cannabis farm or dispensary. Not only does it promote the community but also gives global investors complete and direct exposure to the cannabis industry.

BudBlockz is built on the well-known Ethereum blockchain. So, users can access its ecosystem. It implies they can use decentralized exchanges and various other DeFi products.

2. Minifootball – One of the hottest tokens trending right now

The Minifootball token appears to be warming after it registered a strong green candle in the last few years. The token’s gain has outperformed a majority of the market, which is staggering to sustain the $1 trillion market cap.

Minifootball is a token that has been designed to appeal to football fans, as well as Dogecoin investors. The system has been created so that community members can engage in competitions, including weekly FIFA video game servers, on the Discord servers.

When the token received approval from many football stars, the token received great attention. It has managed some people to do some live Q&A sessions, such as Denis Suarez-the Spanish midfielder, and Ronaldinho-the Brazilian World Cup winner.

All transactions of the system are subject to taxes, with 1% redistributed to other holders, 8% going over to the prize fund for all competitions, and 4% divided between liquidity pools and the system to operate Binance.

3. Tamadoge – Exciting crypto which sold out record breaking presale

Tamadoge has recently achieved its presale goal and is soon going to launch its meme-coin. The coin is new in the cryptocurrency world. The price of Tamadoge is circulating in the $0.0726 region at the time of writing this article, offering the token a market capitalization of more than $75 million.

TAMA is attracting so much attention. If you are unaware, the presale phase of Tamadoge sold out in mid-September, raising $19million in Tether for the project. The presale was expected to end in the fourth quarter of 2022 but record-breaking demand for investors implied that the token allocation had been gobbled up before time.

Its demand is primarily driven by the revolutionary platform of Tamadoge that includes play-to-ear mechanics added into the ecosystem with a meme coin aesthetic. TAMA is working to combine the meme coins’ appeal with valuable utility. It is a feature that hasn’t been achieved in the market.

Even though it is still in the development phase, the development team has already noted some incredible plans for the future, including arcade games with the theme of Tamadoge and an AR mobile app.

Bottom Line

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming more ubiquitous and established. BudBlockz, Minifootball, and Tamadoge tokens operate to develop a new ecosystem that encompasses what has gone while developing something new.

To learn more about our #1 pick BudBlockz see the links below:

Official Website: Presale Registration:: Telegram Group: Discord Server: All BudBlockz Links:

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