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Byepix: The Safest Platform in the World With Investor Protection System

ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have always been a strong narrative in the cryptocurrency ecosystem since first surfacing in 2017. However, several ICOs crumbled as soon as they launched, failing to survive the first six months. While most were scams from the outset, others collapsed due to unsustainable business models, especially around tokenomics.

BYEPIX is launching its ICO with an Investor Protection Program entitled the Maximum Profit Program (MPP). Byepix’s MPP is designed to ensure its ICO’s sustainability, ultimately protecting investors from incurring losses on their investments— a common narrative with previous ICOs.

The Maximum Profit Program

The MPP is a mechanism that avoids a rapid increase in the circulating supply of Byepix’s governance token, $EPIX, by limiting its daily emission. A limited circulating supply will enable them to maintain and boost the price of the $EPIX token as demand surges.

Byepix achieves the investors’ protection program by leveraging a revolutionary mechanism that locks $EPIX tokens in wallets during distribution. While investors cannot trade them within the lock period, Byepix activates ICO staking for the tokens. Therefore, investors earn extra $EPIX tokens at an annual percentage yield (APY) of 90%, increasing their investments’ prospects. Early $EPIX investors stand to benefit the most as they earn extra tokens over a longer period.

In addition, Byepix implements three different vesting periods for $EPIX distribution to control its circulating supply. Tokens are distributed in tranches to investors’ wallets within the scheduled periods. Yet, the distributed tokens are not part of the circulating supply unless they get unlocked. Thus, Byepix controls the token’s price, preventing manipulation from whale investors.

With the Maximum Profit Program and vesting schedules, Byepix intends to enable a level playing ground for all $EPIX ICO investors, preventing pump-and-dump situations while generating profit for investors.

Guaranteed profit with BYEPIX ICO and Short term Profit Prediction 30X to 50X, Long term prediction is 100X.

The Byepix ICO guarantees profit for investors. A short term investment in the $EPIX token could produce profits 30x — 50x of the initial investment. While long term investment will yield 100x of initial investment.

Byepix: Web3.0-Based All-In-One Super

Metaverse Platfrom AND a Tech Lab Developing Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain, Protocols and Dapps.

Byepix is offering investors a wide range of utilities other than its ICO. It is exploring every existing innovation within the blockchain ecosystem, including metaverse, NFTS, and play-to-earn (P2E). Byepix is a unique Web3.0-Based All-In-One Super Metaverse Platform AND a Tech Lab Developing Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain, Protocols and Dapps.

BYEPIX has introduced the first Web3.0-Based All-In-One Super Metaverse Platform. Exploring metaverse as an utility, it aims to provide the most exclusive and unified metaverse experiences possible. Furthermore, Byepix will aggregate Metaverse environments across different blockchain ecosystems, creating a Super Metaverse Ecosystem.

The Super Metaverse ecosystem is created as a multi-purpose environment where users enjoy other blockchain-based innovations such as DeFi, NFT marketplace, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Gaming, and more.

Byepix integrates all these features to create a self-sufficient ecosystem. As such, users can spend time with other users in the metaverse, create 3D NFTs that can be exchanged for tokens, perform daily tasks, and engage in special missions to earn rewards. Furthermore, tokens will be staked on the in-platform DeFi protocol, allowing users to acquire more tokens through yield farms.

The Byepix DAO will enable users to partake in decisions that affect the ecosystem using the $EPIX governance token. The number of $EPIX tokens each user holds will determine their voting power.

Byepix will develop a layer 2 infrastructure on which the Super Metaverse ecosystem will exist. The layer 2 solutions will address metaverse scaling issues. Byepix will focus on File Systems, NFTs, and the Byepix Metaverse Blockchain, tasked with aggregating all metaverse projects in the Blockchain and IPFS ecosystem and providing interconnection exchanges between projects.

Some of the Main Solutions & Features Of Byepix

  • The One and Only Web3-Based All-in-one and the Most Unified Super


  • Multiple Tools of Blockchain (DeFi, SoFi, Gamefi, P2E, NFTs, and DAO.)

  • Dozens of various platforms (NFT Marketplace, Game & Creation Platform, and many more.)

  • Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain (Solves communication, boundary, and incompatibility.)

  • Super Metaverse Protocol (It removes all borders between metaverses.)

  • Super Metaverse Application (Makes Above Solutions reachable for the Masses.)

  • P2E Protocol (Existing or new games to be converted to P2E within hours.)

  • Metaversification App. (Build entire Metaverses, Games, and all their assets.)

The $EPIX Token

Byepix has created an exciting ecosystem around the $EPIX token, which will operate at the epicenter of all Byepix Platforms and the entire metaverse. $EPIX is based on the Binance Smart Chain. EPIX will be deployed for various utilities across the Byepix ecosystem, ranging from governance, NFT trading, gaming, staking and yield farming, rewards for completing daily tasks, special missions and more.


Byepix aims to be the Most Exclusive Web-3 Based All-In-One Super-Metaverse Platform. Byepix is also a Technological Laboratory working on its own Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain to solve scaling, communication, boundary, and incompatibility problems between all Metaverse projects. This Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain solution is merged with its Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol, which is integrated into the Byepix Super Metaverse Application to connect all Metaverse Environments and their users.

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