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C+Charge Enters Stage 2 of Presale After Raising $800,000 – Act Now Before Stage 3 Price Rise

Wednesday, February 8th, 2023C+Charge, an electric vehicle charging crypto startup, secures $800,000 in presale funding.

In response to strong interest in the project, the team has announced today that the structure of the presale price ladder, which sees the $CCHG token increase in price over the duration of the presale, is changing.

Previously there were four stages to the presale – now there will be eight, breaking up the fundraise into smaller chunks.

Presale charging through stages

Stage 1 ended yesterday when the raise total reached $780,000, not $2 million as previously set out. The project is now in Stage 2 of its presale.

The well-received green crypto project is a peer-to-peer payment system that opens up carbon credits to drivers of EVs and supports the rollout of the charging station network they depend on.

C+Charge is the right solution at the right time, so demand for the token is increasing as more investors get to hear about the project.

Prospective buyers of the CCHG token will need to move fast to beat the first of the seven price rises that will accompany the completion of each stage of the presale (see the full details in the table below).

The Stage 1 price has risen from $0.01300 to $0.01450 in Stage 2 – an 11.5% increase.

Now Stage 3 is just seven days away, when the price increases 10.3% to $0.0160 on 15th February.

Here is the full breakdown of the presale stages, the price for each stage, the number of tokens in each, the raise totals and the date when each stage ends:

The total supply of CCHG tokens is 1 billion (1,000,000,000), which means 40% are on sale to the public.

The hard cap target of the presale is $6.85 million, slightly higher than the previous $6.6 million.

There is no vesting period for presale buyers.

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C+Charge focuses on future-proof use cases by solving these problems:

1. For the first time, EV drivers charging up their battery will be directly rewarded with carbon credits

Isn’t it about time we were all able to access carbon credits when we charge our electric vehicles? Unfortunately, that’s not the situation today.

Every time an EV driver charges up their battery they could be earning carbon credits, but there is no platform that offers that, until the advent of C+Charge.

C+Charge wants to attract long-term investors focused on funding the realization of this lucrative use case that will contribute to benefiting our environment.

Still, it is worth noting that Stage 1 investors will make a nominal profit of 80% by the time the presale ends.

More than that, when you use the CCHG token to pay to charge your EV, those tokens are then removed from circulation, thereby creating a deflationary price-supportive mechanism.

2. Streamlining payment across charging networks

Today there are competing ways of measuring payments. C+Charge replaces these with one easy-to-access universal payments system that doesn’t require the installation of expensive Point of Sale (PoS) equipment – instead, drivers use the CCHG token to pay.

Plus, through its partnership with Flowcarbon, EV owners will be able to earn carbon credits in the form of the Goodness Native Token (GNT) every time they charge, alongside CCHG.

GNT token represents a verified voluntary carbon credit and is backed by venture capital firms a16z Crypto and Samsung Next as well as fund manager Invesco.

One carbon credit allows for the emission of 1 ton of greenhouse gasses.

3. Benefits for the owners and managers of charging network owners

Blockchain technology reduces the cost of managing the stations by dispensing with expensive PoS as mentioned earlier, but it can also transmit reliable real-time information about the status of each station and perform diagnostic tasks.

That means C+Charge becomes an essential tool for, say, municipalities or those running residential communal charging solutions, to manage their fleet.

For EV drivers themselves, it also provides a way of reliably tracking the availability of fully working charging stations.

And because everything is powered by blockchain, all the EV driver needs is an internet connection and the C+Charge app to interface seamlessly with the platform.

4. C+Charge democratizes carbon credits and boosts EV adoption

Even though EV sales have been booming, carbon credits as a key incentive for EV adoption is not being used anywhere as widely as it needs to be.

Also holding back the rollout of an adequate and accessible charging infrastructure is the way that carbon credits are skewed towards big business, to the detriment of others, including EV drivers.

Worse, carbon credits are often used by large companies as a tax they are willing to pay to pollute. This allows them to continue emitting carbon and other greenhouse gasses instead of acting as an incentive to deploy low- or non-carbon emission solutions.

The winners in the current carbon credit system are those that produce or use goods that allow less carbon to be used – but EV drivers are unfairly excluded.

Manufacturers of EVs, such as Tesla, can earn millions of dollars by selling carbon credits to polluters.

C+Charge wants to democratize carbon credits so that an increasing share of carbon credit revenue – which was valued at $851 billion in 2022 – finds its way into the pockets of EV owners trying to do the right thing but are not receiving the rewards they are entitled to.

The carbon credits industry will be worth $2.4 trillion by 2027, so opening up access to EV drivers will be a huge business.

This is how the C+Charge app works:

Use the easy-access charging station geolocation finder to get to a C+Charge partner charging point

It features multiple platform integration options to pay with the CCHG token stored in the app’s crypto wallet

Instantly find charger wait times and their operational status so you don’t make a wasted journey to a defective station

Track the amount of carbon credits you have earned (GNT) and CCHG held

C+Charge carbon credits can also be turned into NFTs as part of the reflections program and stored in the app

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C+Charge already has its first international partner and a first-rate experienced leadership

The blockchain-powered EV charging project has already secured its first international partner, Perfect Solutions Turkey, adding 20% of the EV chargers in the country to the C+Charge network.

C+Charge is co-founded by Ryan Fishoff, the CEO of publicly traded company American Wealth Mining Corporation, which is a business focused on crypto, environmentally sustainable investments, fintech, retail, wellness, nutrition, and financial education.

Fishoff is C+Charge’s lead strategic advisor. The highly experienced team and the strength of its business model has attracted venture capital funding from 360° Crypto Economy to the tune of $250,000.

There’s no time to lose to invest in the electric-charged carbon-neutral future by taking advantage of the restructured presale.

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