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Can Gorilix DeFi take crypto further than Binance and

Whilst the adoption of crypto has increased in recent years, it has become difficult in some parts of the world to utilise cryptocurrency efficiently due to local legislation and laws. Today there is a new company on the block, Gorilix Defi, that is doing its part to put the power back in the hands of the consumer when it comes to maximising the use of cryptocurrency. Whilst Binance and are only available in a handful of places, Gorilix has plans to go global and tap into markets that are currently underserved.

Becoming your own crypto bank

With most major banks, you are able to lend money to the banks and receive interest, or you can borrow money from the bank to allow you to achieve your financial needs. With Gorilix Defi, you can now do the same with cryptocurrency. Many people have crypto portfolios that are sitting idle; now, with Gorilix, you can earn interest on your crypto portfolio (regardless of if the crypto rises or falls in value) by lending it to others. Interest paid out to you can be as much as 20% per annum and will be paid out in Gorilix Defi’s revolutionary token SILVA.

SILVA token

SILVA is the native token of the Gorilix Defi platform. SILVA is widely regarded as one of the top tokens to buy in 2022, and since its presale began in mid-June, it has more than doubled in price earning day one investors in the token 115% returns already. The growth of Gorilix (SILVA) comes at a time when most other cryptos on the market have been making losses; Gorilix (SILVA) early success is giving a massive boost to crypto enthusiasts showing them that even in a so-called crypto winter, there is a way to boost your portfolio.

The good news for anyone who has not already jumped on the SILVA bandwagon is that we are still in the early stages, with analysts predicting the token could grow 400% by the time the presale ends, allowing investors to multiply their money five-fold.

SILVA tokens can be purchased from the official Gorilix Defi website:

Future Gorilix plans

Gorilix has also announced they will be launching an exclusive 1950-piece NFT collection. The NFTs will be split across four categories: standard, rare, unique and ultra-rare. The NFTs will be available for purchase from Gorilix’s own NFT marketplace and Opensea, with the entry price as low as 0.1 ETH (~$110) for a standard NFT; the value of the ultra-rare NFTs starts at 2 ETH (~$2200).

To buy your SILVA tokens or learn more about Gorilix DEFI, visit To register for the presale: To join the Telegram, Twitter & Instagram:

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