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Cancer Survivor Turned Web 3 Artist; The Incredible Story of Jeremy Ryan.

Jeremy was diagnosed with brain cancer, along with cancer throughout his body, and told he had zero chance of survival. His battle against cancer resulted in a medical miracle. He not only survived cancer but was also transformed into a remarkable artist. His story is even more remarkable because, before his diagnosis, he had little interest in art and no detectable artistic ability. As he battled his unlikely way to remission, a profound change occurred in his brain.

He emerged with artistic talent that, he said, “felt almost out of body.” How was such an inspiring change possible? Medical science attributes it to neuroplasticity. If an area in the brain becomes damaged, the brain can reroute processes by developing new neurological pathways.

In Jeremy’s case, he developed the ability to see the world through his own creative lens and represent it in unique digital art.

Now creating Art NFT Collections is his passion. And it shows. Within a month of entering Binance Smart Chain, he became the largest artist on the entire chain. Jeremy boasts six exceptional collections, including Cartel Punks, Bad Ass Doggos and GamingShiba. Those three NFT collections are owned by Eminem. With the creation of Super Gremlin, Jeremy hopes to share his story and raise awareness within the NFT Community.

About Super Gremlin

Super Gremlin is an NFT Collection aimed to be different from every other project in the NFT space. While other projects focus on profits, the Super Gremlin community helps fund NGOs that fight every day against cancer. Inspired by the story of its founder Jeremy Ryan, a brain cancer survivor, we aim to raise awareness & help various organisations through charitable contributions. The Super Gremlin community will also get to learn about NFT Art through various interactions with its founder aka NFT DEMON.

To learn more about Super Gremlin, visit our Website | Twitter | Discord|

Media contact: Elouan Le Couteller

Maral Nouri California, USA.

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