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Carbon Offset Trailblazer IMPT Set For Multi-Million Carbon Credit Deal Before the End of January

Be on the lookout for a major announcement in the coming weeks from, a blockchain-based carbon credit trading/carbon offset and rewards platform and sustainable crypto. CEO Denis Creighton announced recently that a multi-million carbon credit deal will be finalized before the end of this month, which will likely have an impact on the IMPT token’s price.

On January 16, the Chief Legal Officer will also provide an essential compliance update, and afterward on January 18, registrations for Use Case 1 will open, before the platform then goes live mid-February.

Other IMPT news includes the branding receiving a full-scale makeover in preparation for the global launch, and an additional listing of IMPT on another top tier exchange, to be announced soon.

About Sustainable Crypto IMPT will feature an online widget and mobile app that will allow customers to purchase from their favorite affiliate brands, both offline and on the web to earn carbon credit rewards that can be traded on the platform. Shoppers are also rewarded with exclusive NFT collectible prizes created by artists or can even resell them through the platform.’s token launched on BitMart exchange just last Wednesday, bringing the token to a new user base.

When customers shop, they are helping to fight climate change at the same time. Microsoft, Macy’s, Netflix and Amazon have all teamed up with the independent project in its mission against global warming. The climate-change mitigating projects that are featured on the platform get a portion of the profits from partnering companies and are certified by well-esteemed environmental organizations, guaranteeing that funds go to causes that create real results.

IMPT users can select projects to support that are aligned with their individual passions. As they continue contributing, they will then gain insight into the positive environmental impacts of their involvement—including data on how carbon credits are being allocated. The idea is that the transparency will encourage people by showing them the real power of each action taken.

How Blockchain Tech by IMPT Will Improve Carbon Credit Trading is using blockchain technology to solve the carbon credit fraud and double-counting problem. The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be used as tokens for ownership, with their addresses safely stored on a distributed ledger that makes it impossible to forge or modify them. This will create an effective system of oversight while strengthening the validity of carbon credits overall. To further ensure their authenticity and trustworthiness, token-burning is implemented; with all retired or burned NFTs permanently removed from circulation.

IMPT Token Utility

As the official currency of’s carbon marketplace, the IMPT token is integral to accessing all services provided by this platform—from purchasing NFT carbon credits and products from affiliate sites, to having a say in upcoming DAO decisions concerning governance matters.

Why the Quickly Growing Carbon Credit Market Needs a Sustainable Crypto

As the world recognizes the necessity of combating climate change, carbon credits have risen in demand and value. In 2021 alone, 500 million credits were exchanged at a price of $4 per ton; this was a 60% boost from 2020’s figures. The market for that year amounted to $271 billion—which is 128% higher than 2008. Voluntary offsetting also saw significant growth, quadrupling its previous total and reaching $2 billion. Estimates see this figure continuing to grow rapidly and reaching $50 billion by 2050.

The blockchain technology IMPT employs makes carbon trading more reliable and transparent compared to traditional carbon markets. As the need for such advanced carbon credit trading services increases, IMPT has a good chance of becoming the premier platform for trading carbon credits—allowing it to lead in this promising sector of environmental sustainability—and making sustainable crypto IMPT a hot commodity that will help keep the planet cool.

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