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Central Banks’ Best Kept Secret - Crypto Is The Only Way Out

Who knows that the existing monetary system is stealing the wealth of the people? Or that this has been happening for many decades? Bitcoin is the best chance the world’s population has to escape central bank tyranny.

An Unfair System

So it’s come to this. Inflation is rising across the globe. People’s purchasing power is decreasing at a faster and faster rate. We are told by politicians and mainstream media that the pandemic and Russia are to blame for it, and most people just accept this ‘fact’ and try their best to survive.

Not many people are aware that the fiat monetary system we live within is corrupt and unfair to an extreme. Central banks flood the system with ever more fiat paper currency. Those who are nearest the spigot (the banks and other financial institutions) get to spend the paper before it loses even more value while the rest of us who are further down the chain just get to spend paper that is worth less on less goods.

However, a time of reckoning is fast approaching. Papering over the cracks in the system is becoming harder and harder to do. Each time Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell steps out to face the cameras and explain that we are all going to have to pay dearly for the excesses of the system, you just can’t help but marvel at the audaciousness of it all.

Introduction Of CBDCs Will Make Things Worse

Mainstream media is getting people ready to accept the authorities’ touted solution which is the central bank digital currency (CBDC). This monstrosity is supposed to make finances far easier for the banks to control.

However, reports on central bank digital currencies never dwell for long on the fact that they would allow the central bank to control the spending of each individual citizen with absolute precision. The capability to switch anyone off from their wallet for any reason would be in the hands of the banks.

All the unfairness and corruption takes place behind a veneer of respectability. Government watchdogs, in the form of regulatory enforcement agencies, do the bidding of the system by harassing and suppressing private digital asset companies such as those that espouse cryptocurrencies.

Mainstream Media Brainwashing

Normal people, soaked in the brainwashing of mainstream media, cheer on as lauded figures in the financial world pour scorn on cryptocurrencies, accusing them of being scams and of being a danger to the stability of the financial system.

Libertarianism is becoming a bad word according to what we are told by the media. Anyone talking about libertarianism and freedom for the individual is labelled as a nutter, and is cast out to the fringes of society.

To believe that an article such as this is anything other than the rantings of some tin hat-wearing conspiracy theorist would likely be the conclusion of most readers outside of the cryptocurrency space.

Wake Up!

Are we a nation of sheep, to be herded wherever non-elected financial entities wish to send us? Wake up, wake up, wake up! Look outside of television and the usual channels of communication that are used to pacify the masses and which are controlled by the system. Alcohol for the Indians is what springs to mind.

Freedoms are being eroded all the time. The freedom to spend your own money and send it to whomever you choose without the involvement of any third party is the most important freedom we have left. Bitcoin allows you to do exactly this. It behoves anyone who cares about personal freedom to find out what they can about it.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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