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CGC XII – Attend the Leading Blockchain Games Conference on November 17-18, 2022!

CGC is the global event series dedicated to cutting-edge Blockchain Games, Web3, NFTs and the Metaverse. The twelfth two-day digital conference will happen on November 17th and 18th, gathering thousands of attendees from over a hundred countries.

Watch and listen to experts and influencers. View videos and livestreams. Learn about new games and developments. Explore the digital expo filled with a variety of booths and activities. Mingle with friends and industry peers, network and have fun on your own terms and time.

Who Is It For?

CGC XII is a must-attend event for everyone interested in games, entertainment, cutting-edge technologies and fusion thereof. Gaming will be the Holy Grail to onboard hundreds of millions of users to the Web3 space. Join the gaming revolution together with visionaries and creators of the most successful decentralized games.

Why Attend?

Learn from industry professionals about developing, marketing, and launching your product. Explore the digital venue to meet and network with founders and executives of major companies shaping the modern gaming landscape. Discover the latest blockchain games and gaming services to play and invest into.

What to Expect?


CGC always invites the most influential and in-demand expert speakers to share their wisdom and expertise, and to cover crucial topics for every games industry professional and enthusiast, ranging from the latest trends and developments, to know-hows and technical insights. Don't miss a chance to learn from industry thought leaders.

Show Floor

Are you a gamer? Are you a developer? Immerse yourself in a world of gaming and entertainment. Learn about innovative projects developed by Web3 startups and distinguished developers. Take part in activities, support your favorite games and find out about blockchain gaming trends of 2022 and beyond.


Meet and connect with the community of gamers, startup founders, game developers, marketing professionals, advisors, influencers, and exhibitors from all over the world. Make new acquaintances, discuss opportunities, chat privately or in public areas using text, voice, video, or screen share. Accessible to all, everywhere in the world.

About CGC

Established back in 2018, CGC runs a series of international conferences dedicated to exploring and promoting the synergy between videogames and cutting-edge technologies, including Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, VR and AR. Eleven conferences have already taken place, bringing together more than 20,000 delegates from over 100 countries, and creating hundreds of new partnerships and opportunities. Designed as a global knowledge center, a showcase of emerging tech and trends, as well as a platform for networking, CGC endeavors to drive dissemination and mass adoption of disruptive technologies set to change video games and entertainment industries.

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