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Chancer Crypto Presale Launches Today with Great Anticipation.

Chancer Crypto Presale Launches Today with Great Anticipation.
Chancer Crypto Presale Launches Today with Great Anticipation.

London, United Kingdom, June 13th, 2023, Chainwire

Chancer, a new Web3 project, has launched its crypto presale on June 13th. The project aims to revolutionize the betting industry by giving the power back to the bettors. Chancer is the world's first decentralized predictive markets app, allowing users to create their own betting markets, set their own odds, and create their own rules. Unlike traditional bookmakers, Chancer is a betting facilitator that allows users to create peer-to-peer bets on any prediction or event. Chancer's unique selling point is that users are in complete control of their bets and won't lose to a traditional bookmaker who stacks the odds against them. In the words of CEO Adam Kelbie, "We're confident that we can change the way betting and gambling works."

Chancer Crypto Presale Launches Today with Great Anticipation. How CHANCER Works

Chancer's native token, CHANCER, is used for all bets and payouts. The online betting and gambling industry is a massive market, estimated at around $64 billion in 2022. Chancer aims to capitalize on this and become a leading player in the industry. The CHANCER token is being launched on the BSC Blockchain and is available during its 12-stage presale. The token is currently priced at $0.010 during stage one of the presale and will eventually increase to $0.021 by stage 12, representing a 70% increase from the initial price. Chancer Crypto Presale Launches Today with Great Anticipation.

Revolutionizing The Betting Industry With Future-Forward Capabilities

Chancer is a project with a well-planned roadmap that aims to achieve true decentralization through a proof of stake consensus mechanism and quadratic governance. The source code will remain open for transparency and community contribution. Chancer will use Google's WebRTC for real-time communication and will reward its users with CHANCER tokens, Share2Earn scheme, staking, and discounted fees. Users can also earn a passive income by becoming a node validator.

About Chancer

Chancer is developing a decentralized social predictive markets platform, which will enable Chancer token holders to create, participate in, and benefit from their own predictive markets based on their interests, expertise, and social opportunities. The project aims to challenge the traditional bookmaking and betting business model by "removing the house" and claiming a portion of the market share. By doing so, it seeks to disrupt the global gambling and betting market.

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