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Chronocatz or DJ Mikey: Which NFTs Will Rule?

The world of non-fungible token investing is seeing a host of new drops and PlayDapp’s recent release has been a success at launch. The PlayDapp and Mikey collection features the adventures of DJ Mikey the Panda.

Chronocatz is a new collection from the Chronoly (CRNO) decentralized trading platform for luxury watches. This project wants to tie NFTs to real-world assets and could attract serious investors who want access to the exclusive NFT drops of luxury watches which are proven assets over the last decades.

DJ Panda Mikey Wants World Domination

The collection was launched by the PlayDapp Marketplace and it is only available for purchase there. The developers hoped that NFT enthusiasts would continue to join the community ahead of a game launch called “Tournaments”. The game will bring rewards to holders of the Mikey NFTs. Mikeys also have utility when they are staked for PLA, which is the native token of the marketplace.

The floor price for the NFTs is 3.5 MATIC ($2.6) for each of the rock star pandas. This is another fun NFT collection that will attract Generation Z investors and the floor price reflects that. The problem for a lot of these launches is what will happen when gamers get saturated with too many platforms and get bored.

Chronocatz Can Breathe Life to Real Assets

The Chronocatz project brings real-world assets into play with luxury watches. The project was launched by the team at Chronoly (CRNO) and features 7,777 unique characters. The Chronoly team is currently exploring options to bring the project to the metaverse later but is currently focused on developing its offering for serious investors.

The Chronocatz each have unique traits with each wearing a real-world luxury watch. The watch’s rarity will determine the rarity of the NFT in a 1-6 tier system with holders getting access to the private members club: Chrono Wealth Club. The types of rewards available are based on the tier and members can expect exclusive watch NFT drops, higher staking yields, and private auctions. While DJ Mikey may entertain a young audience for a short period, Chronocatz will allow access to a serious investment world for the long term.

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