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  • Writer's pictureConnie Chan Reaches Their First Milestone of 2023, the flagship crypto casino under Stable Tech N.V, today announced that the team has hit their first major milestone for this year. The Curacao-based iGaming operator celebrates the closure of 100 affiliate deals in the span of four months. To commemorate this win, the brand announced that it will be showering its partners in “golden coins.” In a press release published on, the company confirmed that, at the beginning of the month, 100 gift packages will leave its offices and make their way towards its partners.

The Sweet Gift of Gold

Since its launch in November 2022, the bitcoin casino has successfully onboarded 100 major crypto-exclusive affiliate partners. To show its appreciation, Stable Tech N.V decided to come up with a unique gift in the form of chocolate golden coins stored inside Medieval-style leather pouches.

Partners will also receive a branded Apple AirTag, with all the three items neatly packaged within a black matte gift box made out of recycled materials, tied down with a purple ribbon. A portion of these gifts will be sent out to the partners’ offices, while the others will be handed out personally at this year’s IGB conference in London.

A Look Within: The Goodies Inside The Box

Chocolate Gold Coins: The golden coins, the signature element of this campaign, were hand-made by the Croatian Choco Concept, one of Croatia’s renowned artisan chocolate makers. The sweets were hand-brushed with a golden color to give them a rich and consistent look. The chocolate makers created 5000 golden coins for this project. Each chocolate represents a 1 oz gold coin made of 40% cocoa belgian chocolate. The pieces weigh between 9 to 10 grams and measure about 44mm in diameter and 5mm in height. The Croatian Choco Concept is based in the city of Opatija and has been in the industry since 2011. The brand is known for its creative projects, with Croatia’s Baska Tablet and the Molecular Chocolate being the most recognized.

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Leather Pouch: The Medieval-style leather pouches that will carry the golden coins were also hand-made, this time in the picturesque city of Samobor. They were crafted by a skilled leatherworker who specializes in cowhide products and restorations. The pouches were created using synthetic leather and cowhide, tied with a golden string to complement the coins placed within. Each pouch took an hour to make, weighs close to 100 grams with a diameter of 32 cm, and is capable of housing 45 to 47 coins.

Apple AirTag: The Apple AirTag, the third item within the box, was chosen as a symbolization in helping the partners keep track of their success. Partners will find the AirTag nestled safely inside a custom sponge mold, attached to a black Belkin carabiner. The carabiner features a snap-and-lock design that holds the Airtag securely in place. It is durable and comes with a sturdy and secure metal loop and a spring-loaded gate, making the product easy to attach to your belongings. The carabiner’s raised edges protect it from any dings and scratches. To further personalize the AirTag by adding the CoinSlotty logo, the team played around with laser engraving and UV printing, before settling on the latter due to its ability to bring out the best in the logo. The brand’s logo can be found on the back of the AirTag and serves as a reminder to the role the partners played in helping the iGaming operator achieve its first milestone.

The Box: The matte black box was made out of recycled materials and was custom ordered to fit the gift items perfectly. It holds just enough space for the leather pouch and the special foam compartment which is meant to house the branded AirTag already pre-fitted to the Belkin carabiner. Two magnets were installed in the box to ensure that the flaps stay shut until someone decides to open it to munch on the golden sweets. The purple ribbon adds a nice finishing touch by standing out against the black of the box and complements the CoinSlotty branding.

The Partners’ Reactions So Far

A few of the affiliate partners that were close to the CoinSlotty headquarters were lucky enough to snatch their gift boxes early. Their reactions were fun to read, and ranged between surprise, awe, and happiness. Truth be told, personalized gifts of this caliber are a rarity within the corporate industry, with branded water bottles and custom coffee cups taking the lead in most campaigns.

With its unique approach to gifting, CoinSlotty has managed to break through the noise and it’s very refreshing to see. Here are what some of the partners had to say:

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The Future: What Does The CoinSlotty Brand Have In Store?

We reached out to the team behind CoinSlotty to get a feel of what they have in store for future marketing campaigns. Not only do they have a bag full of coins, they also have one full of creative ideas.

“The core goal of the brand is to become a community driven crypto casino. To get to that spot, we aim to establish a strong presence on all the crypto-related forums, with being the first step,” said John, their marketing lead.

The BitcoinTalk community is one of the largest blockchain platforms on the internet and was founded by Satoshi Nakomoto, the original Bitcoin developer. It has been in operation since 2009 and is one of the major sources of information in the cryptocurrency world. CoinSlotty has already gotten the gears turning by partnering with several senior members of the forum, and its ANN thread has been live for several weeks.

After successfully placing its foot into the online affiliate world, CoinSlotty’s next goal is to establish itself on Twitch, one of the world’s largest live streaming services. The aim is to form a team of 100 Twitch partners within this year who will make the brand an essential part of their daily streams. The brand is already working with 10 Twitch streamers and is well on its way to success.

Finally, CoinSlotty’s goal for the year 2023 is to strengthen its YouTube presence by posting highlights of the live streams of the casino Twitch streamers the brand is partnering with. This particular project will be overseen by Direcut Productions.

About is managed and operated by Stable Tech N.V under the E-gaming license No. 8048/JAZ, issued by Antillephone. The brand was originally launched in November 2022, with the goal being to create a crypto casino where the Blockchain community could feel at home. The project has been authorized by the government of Curacao, with all its games being ISO/IEC 17025 compliant and certified as "provably fair," with industry standard payouts ranging between 95% and 98%.

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