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Coygo Hackathon Offers Crypto Prizes for Trading Bot Creators

San Diego, United States / California, 13th September, 2022, Chainwire — Coygo Forge, a powerful platform and framework for coding custom crypto trading bots using JavaScript, is hosting an incentivized hackathon. Teams or individuals that successfully submit their own trading bot during the event could win $100 of ETH or BTC. Participants are welcome to enter multiple submissions and could win more than once.

The Coygo Forge Hackathon 2022 is designed for novices as well as experienced developers. Video guides, extensive code documentation, and a number of working code examples are all provided to assist participants in coding their own trading bot. Every participant also gets a month’s subscription to Coygo so there is no cost to participate. Coygo Forge is the underlying engine powering the Coygo Bots trading bots platform, It’s available within the Coygo Terminal desktop application.

About Coygo Forge

Coygo Forge is a platform for creating custom crypto trading bots with a focus on real-time and high-frequency trading strategies. It’s the perfect tool for automating trades that benefit from access to real-time order book data and the ability to react to market changes in seconds or even milliseconds. Forge is particularly suited to strategies like arbitrage or scalping, with the Coygo Forge team having built a number of example bots already including triangular arbitrage and grid trading. Forge is not built for indicator-based trading strategies or strategies that need to execute at intervals longer than five minutes.

How to participate in the hackathon

To qualify for a hackathon prize, submissions must focus on either real-time trading strategies that benefit from live order book data (arbitrage, market maker, etc) or that work on intervals of five minutes or shorter (grid trading, etc). Coygo has provided a number of examples and ideas of what participants could build if they’re not sure where to start.

For teams that get stuck or require further guidance, Coygo has a private Reddit community at where they can reach out to the Coygo team and collaborate with others. All submissions will be made through the Reddit community.

Contestants and winners will get a special badge in the Forge Community on Reddit as well.

Winners will be announced shortly after the submission deadline of October 20, 2022.

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