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Crypto Epic Fantasy Game Leaves Gods Unchained Behind, Presale Ending Soon

Gods Unchained is one of the most innovative games contributing to blockchain gaming. However, players are now looking for more exciting titles, and Calvaria is here to meet that demand.

More Than One Way to Win

Gods Unchained is a pioneer blockchain gaming engine that allows players to purchase non-fungible token (NFT) trading cards and use them to compete against other players. Besides their inherent value, these cards are profitable as players can trade them.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity builds on this structure by adding a metaverse theme to improve users’ gameplay. Like Gods Unchained, this platform focuses on helping users buy trading cards in the form of NFTs in order to build decks with them.

Each card represents a specific character with unique traits and characteristics. Calvaria’s objective is for players to build a much better deck than their opponents, using their characters’ strengths and a proper strategy to win. Battles can take place in different settings and locations, so players can control their gameplay and choose what works for them.

The more battles players win in Calvaria, the more tokens they get as rewards.

In addition, Calvaria’s developers also organize different competitions and initiatives where players can win different prizes.

Calvaria’s Many Benefits

Calvaria is advantageous for a number of reasons. The platform’s embrace of the free-to-play model is the first. Unlike other games with strong entry barriers, Calvaria is open to anyone. When new players sign up, they receive NFTs for free, which they can sell or use to construct decks immediately.

This, combined with the game’s relatively easy gameplay, makes Calvaria an incredibly attractive option for anyone looking to get into gaming. There is no need to learn technical tactics or make financial commitments.

Calvaria’s availability on iOS and Android means that the game will be open to all, regardless of where they are or the devices they use.

RIA: The Ultimate Gaming Token

Calvaria’s developers have also adopted a gaming token to power the platform’s operations. With RIA, players can easily buy and sell their NFTs whenever they want for actual money. The asset is exchangeable with eRIA – the token players earn whenever they win battles.

Besides all this, RIA is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin, so holders can stake their coins to earn more units. Staking RIA also allows players to participate in the Cavaria decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which makes all major decisions concerning the game.

Holding RIA is the primary way to participate in Calvaria’s many competitions and initiatives.

RIA is currently available for presale. The crypto asset has raised $2.24 million so far and is now in the final stages of its presale, with only 27% of tokens remaining to be purchased.

While the RIA presale was originally scheduled to last ten stages, the game’s developers confirmed last month that the process would be cut short due to the bear market and a desire to maximize utility for investors. Once the presale is over, they will be able to move on with proper platform development.

RIA’s developers have also partnered with LBank and MEXC to list the token once the presale is over. So, holders will be able to cash out with optimal liquidity immediately.

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