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Crypto News Today: TNNS Continues Dominance As Polygon and BNB Battle It Out

NFTs have gained immense popularity since the introduction of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection by Yuga Labs. Since then, NFT adoption has grown, with different blockchains offering an NFT marketplace from which you can purchase your beloved NFTs.

Polygon and BNB host recognised NFT marketplaces that have served their users well over the years. However, only one can be the best NFT blockchain!

TNNS Is On The Rise

TNNS has attracted a lot of attention since its inception. The new platform provides its users with an array of services from which they can earn and save tokens. TNNS has adopted a unique zero-tax policy on shopping so you can save more of your BIG tokens!

The TNNS platform is built on the Polygon blockchain, utilising its newly updated Proof-of-Stake consensus to increase its transaction speed while reducing its environmental impact. TNNS will donate 5% of its tokens to ocean conservation efforts to protect a crucial part of our ecosystem and showcase its commitment to sustainability.

NFTs will become a big part of the TNNS ecosystem when they launch at stage three of the roadmap. TNNS is moving away from having NFTs as something to look at. Instead, TNNS is bringing utility to NFTs and using them as keys to access exclusive events and clubs!

Can BNB Recover After The Hack?

BNB was recently hacked for $570 million in BNB tokens. This hack is seen as one of the biggest hacks in crypto history, showcasing vulnerabilities in blockchain technology. However, the BNB blockchain is now up and running again, showing its ability to recover quickly after a hack.

One advantage the BNB NFT marketplace has over other marketplaces is its low transaction fees. BNB charges a set 1% fee on each transaction, which is significantly lower than several major NFT marketplaces.

BNB knows that there is a growing population of people trying to get into cryptocurrency. To make it easier for them, BNB has made the NFT marketplace easy to access and use. BNB also hosts educational resources that teach users about the blockchain industry.

To Summarise

Polygon and BNB both host amazing NFT marketplaces that are easily accessible. Now NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, each blockchain is trying to add a unique twist so their NFT marketplace stands out. Currently, Polygon hosts the best NFT blockchain, but BNB could change that in the future.

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