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Crypto Operations Management Becomes Easier with Roketo Business App

Roketo, a NEAR-based recurring payment system, has launched Roketo Business app intended for all Web3 enterprises aiming to facilitate their operational processes. The app provides users with comprehensive solutions to run their business smoothly: from setting up a DAO to arranging payrolls. The convenience comes along with ultra-low commissions possible thanks to the integration with the NEAR ecosystem boasting more competitive transaction fees compared to other blockchains.

Providing seamless crypto payment solutions, Roketo enables its users to facilitate token airdrops, allocate tokens, distribute grants, and otherwise manage their operations with complete transparency. It takes merely one minute to set up a payment stream, after which Roketo transfers funds to recipients’ wallets while companies keep watch over real-time token allocations.

With the new Roketo Business app, users already can:

  • Set up a DAO and control allocation of funds within it with full transparency

  • Arrange payrolls by setting up a one-time payment, recurring payments or a payment stream

  • Provide detailed analytics of DAO expenses to all its members

More features to be added soon:

  • Seamless payouts to Visa cards by NearPay

  • Grant allocation management

  • Token airdrops and listing management

  • Funding through various networks including Solana, Ethereum, and others

Commenting on the launch of the new app, Roketo co-founder Taras Dovgal said: “We always prioritize user satisfaction as our mission is to make Web3 payment solutions as easy and efficient as possible. Roketo Business has been developed by crypto professionals who have a clear understanding of how things should be arranged within a DAO to keep it running and prosperous. We acknowledge the importance of transparency, flexibility, and speed of transactions when it comes to financial duties, so we provide offers that match these criteria.” The introduction of the Roketo Business app is another move toward the mass adoption of solutions for regular crypto payments that are seen as a credible alternative to conventional financial services.

About Roketo Roketo is a recurring payment system based on the NEAR protocol. Its main goal is to enable Web3 businesses and DAOs to allocate funds between its employees, contributors, and other eligible parties in real-time mode and with full transparency. The solutions offered by Roketo can be applied for token airdrops, payrolls, token vesting, distribution of grants, and other purposes. While supporting a big range of tokens, Roketo charges rock-bottom commissions for its services, being built on the NEAR blockchain that has some of the lowest network fees.

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