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Crypto Whales are Adding These Cryptos to Their Holdings – Here’s Why

As investors ponder the possibilities for crypto markets heading deeper into 2023, whales are continuing to amass promising coins as a possible indicator of an impending bull market sometime in 2023. Despite experiencing a slump during 2022, blockchain technology continues to progress with innovative advancements in areas such as AI and EVs–giving both major investors and smaller traders something to anticipate. But what exactly are some of the crypto whale coins at the moment?

Though Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other large cap coins have stolen the spotlight, there are many more projects that are at the forefront of pioneering multiple aspects of the crypto economy. There are an abundance of possibilities for traders to invest their capital into this industry including within decentralized finance (DeFi) and real-world use cases for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), for example.

If you’re considering investing, you may be wondering: should I begin now, and which investments are right for me? Unfortunately, no one can predict where markets will go in the future. That’s why it is vital to only invest money that you are comfortable with losing.

Protecting yourself from scams is paramount, so it’s essential to guarantee that all ventures you invest in comply with all legal guidelines. Assessing the team involved with a specific venture is equally necessary; confirming they have an established background is a step that should not be overlooked.

When evaluating a blockchain project, be sure to determine whether the proposed use cases provide real solutions to existing problems rather than merely capitalizing on the current buzz surrounding blockchain technology.

Also, consider ways to get into projects early, such as presales of upcoming projects. With the right strategic investments, it’s possible to get higher gains than with many larger cap cryptos.

Some digital assets that meet the above requirements are MEMAG, FGHT, CCHG, TARO and RIA.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) Makes Web3 Magic

Ready to make a seismic shift in the mobile gaming world, Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is introducing an innovative Web3 gaming guild powered by blockchain technology and a decentralized community. Their mission is to cultivate a sustainable ecosystem that unlocks the potential of community to contribute to engaging gaming experiences while solving issues gamers face every day.

The MEMAG cryptocurrency and in-game “gems” will reward players for their contributions, giving them true ownership of in-game assets. With the freedom to transact these resources through an open game economy, users can redeem gems for real money or virtual items within the platform.

MMG is passionate about providing a secure and equitable gaming environment for each player while guaranteeing honest gameplay and mitigating malicious intentions. To kick of the launch of their selection of games, they are developing Meta Kart Racers–a PVP or single-player race game optimized for mobile devices. The company plans to introduce more blockchain-based experiences in the coming months as well.

Crypto whales have been quickly buying up the project’s MEMAG crypto whale coins during its presale, contributing $2.1 million within the span of a few weeks.

Fight Out (FGHT): Get Fit and Earn a Crypto Whale Coin

Crypto whales are also taking notice of Fight Out (FGHT), an upcoming app and gym chain looking to offer the fitness world something new. Their innovative move-to-earn (M2E) initiative is setting a new standard for such apps, connecting them to an upcoming real-world gym chain and a user reward systems that pays out in REPS tokens as users fulfill physical goals.

Fight Out’s gyms will feature Web3-connected tech including “mirror profiles” and sensors that offer real-time feedback during workouts. This innovative idea has already earned endorsement from several high-profile UFC champions such as Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, not to mention former WBO middleweight champion Savannah Marshall who are all part of its ambassador program.

Investors can who act now can take advantage of the current presale incentives, with up to 50% bonuses on investments over $50,000. FGHT is one of coin currently being snapped up by whales, having already raised more than $3.6 million during its pre-sale. The presale is about to enter its second stage, when prices for its token will increase.

C+Charge (CCHG) to Spark EV Charging Changes

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain more traction and popularity, EV owners are also facing the hurdle of finding dependable charging stations. To minimize this struggle, C+Charge is launching a blockchain-based platform that offers an effortless payment system while granting users rewards in the form of a carbon credit backed cryptocurrency.

C+Charge’s peer-to-peer payment system provides a streamlined, efficient way to conduct transactions from crypto wallets without the exorbitant costs or delayed wait times associated with traditional payment systems. The platform will also offer real-time visibility for EV drivers to accurately calculate the cost of each charging session.

By partnering with Flowcarbon, C+Charge will make carbon credits available to more people through the carbon credit-tied Goodness Nature Token ($GNT). C+Charge’s goal is to encourage more drivers to switch to electric vehicles to reduce global carbon emissions.

For building managers looking for an efficient way of monitoring energy consumption from each EV, C+Charge provides an ideal solution in their app’s ability to track each EV charging session, thereby incentivizing landlords and businesses to install charging stations.

Investors now have the window of opportunity to buy C+Charge tokens at a starting price of $0.013 USDT, which will gradually increase over three predetermined periods up until it reaches its ultimate cost of $0.02350 per token.

RobotEra (TARO) Intends to Bring Web3 Gaming into New Era

RobotEra (TARO) is positioned to take part in the upcoming metaverse era with its highly-anticipated metaverse-building game. The anticipation around this game has already piqued interest from crypto whales and Web3 gaming enthusiasts alike, and soon everyone will be able to join in on the fun as the game gears up for its launch.

RobotEra is looking to stand out from other metaverse-building games with its user interface that is simple and easy to navigate, allowing players who don’t have any programming experience to effectively construct and customize their robots as well as the environment.

Additionally, gamers can monetize their gameplay by renting out spaces for advertisements or hosting events with entry fees.

By combining virtual and augmented reality elements within the game, RobotEra’s developers will transport players into a technologically advanced metaverse that merges Minecraft’s creative potential with Taro’s futuristic robot world.

RobotEra is designed to be accessible and engaging for players of all skill levels, giving them the opportunity to come together in rebuilding Taro’s metaverse. To take it a step further, NFTs are incorporated into the game allowing its users to own land as well as any robots, items or buildings created within the virtual space.

TARO, the primary currency in the game and a big crypto whale coin, can be gained through mining, and gamers can also create games on designated land spaces. Gamers will also find themselves rewarded for their efforts and will have the ability to socialize freely with one another as they explore Taro’s realm.

Investor excitement is mounting for the RobotEra token presale, which has already generated $786K.

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