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Crypto Winter Pushes Trump NFTs’ Daily Sales Down 98% From Peak

The non-fungible token market continues suffering from the prolonged general crypto meltdown. The crypto market winter began sometime mid-this year and has left many digital assets losing more than 70% of their value.

Donald Trump’s NFTs collection is a recent perfect example of an NFT project which has suffered from the current crypto market winter. The NFT collection has vanished and fallen below twenty top-selling NFTs lists in major marketplaces.

Donald Trump NFTs Drop Down 98% In Daily Sales

In the past couple of weeks, former United States President Donald Trump’s official NFT trading cards were the talk of the crypto industry, social media, and even late-night television programs.

Unfortunately, following the recent bear market, the Donald Trump digital trading cards have significantly lost their demand, with both their sales volume and prices falling more than 98% from respective peaks.

According to CryptoSlam, the secondary market sales for the Trump Digital Trading Cards minted on Ethereum scaling network Polygon totaled just over $59,300 on December 30. The performance represents a 98% drop from its peak sales of $3.5 million on December 17.

Donald Trump NFTs’ secondary market premium has faded too. The NFT cards, which previously sold for 0.84 ETH ($990) during the peak season on December 17, have gone down to just 0.15 ETH ($180). Some NFTs have recently sold for as low as $131 a piece on the marketplace.

Donald Trump NFTs Market Health

Nonetheless, the Trump NFT collections are still lively, despite suffering from the recent bear market. At the time of publishing, the NFT collection ranked 50th out of hundred top-selling NFT lists on CoinGecko.

Donald Trump’s NFT collection has a 24-hour sales volume of 44 ETH. The NFT collection has a market capitalization of $8 million. Over the same period, its floor price surged by 0.6% to $189.

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