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DAO Maker And WePad Have Signed A Deal Flow Partnership Agreement

#1 launchpad DAO Maker and WePad by WeWay have signed a partnership agreement. Such a collaboration is the first for both projects and is unique for this market. It will give WePad users access to new top-tier projects audited by the DAO Maker team, and will increase the utility of the #WWY token. By combining our capabilities, we aim to accelerate the development of both platforms, respond more quickly to industry changes, and better meet the evolving needs of tech startups.

WePad and DAO Maker will work together in multiple dimensions, with a strong focus on the core areas of technology knowledge sharing, market research collaboration, business consulting, and expanding the joint partner network.

DAO Maker has over 100 successful projects and $42 million raised in its portfolio - through the partnership, their experts will share insights, efficient tools and best practices with us. WePad, on the other hand, has innovations and unique technological capabilities. Our team will focus on consulting with DAO Maker's specialists in this area.

"In today's dynamic environment, partnerships are the key to growth. Our alliance with DAO Maker creates exciting opportunities for the entire industry," says Fuad Fatullaev - CEO & Co-Founder of WeWay. "By leveraging the assets of both companies, such as technology and market expertise, community support and reputation, we'll pave the way for new top-tier cryptocurrency projects." "DAO Maker's goal was to reimagine venture capital and make it more accessible to both startups and communities. That's why we're always excited to welcome companies that are on the same path - like WePad," added Chris Zaknun - CEO of DAO Maker. "As we explore the future of launchpads and their place in the industry, we see tremendous potential in WePad and their capabilities, and are impressed by their community of thousands."

DAO Maker is a recognized technology leader in launching cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. It provides solutions for community incubation, fundraising, social mining and stands behind some of the most prominent projects, including GameFi (GAFI) 367x ATH ROI, My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) 298x, Orion Protocol (ORN) 293x, My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) 14.53x and (FITFI) 148x (according to Check the full list of projects and their performance on the DAO Maker website, and explore the project’s blog, Twitter and Telegram.

The first results of our partnership will come soon. Stay tuned and join us on WePad Twitter and Telegram channel to get fresh updates from the team and connect with the community in the chat.

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