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Dash 2 Trade Crypto Lists on 2 More Exchanges, 35 Days Until Product Launch, D2T Price Blasts Up

London, England, Monday, March 6th, 2023 – Dash 2 Trade is nearing the launch of its advanced AI-powered dashboard on April 11th, and there is a growing interest in its cryptocurrency trading bots and analytics service.

In the past week alone, two more exchanges have listed the D2T token, with eight trading venues in total now providing trading pairs.

As liquidity floods into the market, 24-hour trading volume has surpassed $2.2 million, a 53% jump in the past 24 hours. and HitBTC list D2T token – price pumps 230% in 14 days

At the same time the price of D2T has appreciated nearly 230% in the past 14 days, according to data from CoinGecko.

The latest exchanges to list D2T are and HitBTC.

The steady stream of listing announcements is a strong vote of confidence in the ability of the project to gain traction.

Exchanges will be looking at Dash 2 Trade’s potential to secure expanding liquidity as indicated by token holder growth.

As far as self-custody wallets go, token holders stand at an impressive 15,393. When holders on centralized exchanges are included the total is likely to be far in excess of that.

Founded in 2018, boasts 24-hour trading volumes of $633m, while HitBTC volume exceeds $268m, according to Coinmarketcap data.

These are the crypto exchanges where D2T can be bought: Uniswap

Dash 2 Trade is in contact with several top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges

Dash 2 Trade has let it be known that discussions with a number of top 10 exchanges continue.

A Telegram message commenting on the HitBTC listing, which the team was initially unaware of, welcomed the unexpected boost to exposure and the prospect of further upcoming listings:

“This listing may provide D2T with greater exposure to potential buyers and traders. In addition, we want to inform our community that we are in contact with several top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges to explore listing for $D2T. We are committed to finding the best opportunities for our project and will continue to update the community as we make progress.”

From April 11, traders will be able to purchase smart contract-based subscriptions for the trading intelligence platform.

Longer-term investors will be strongly encouraged by the impressive achievements of the project to date, and the fact that it is built by traders for traders.

Dash 2 Trade is partnered with Learn2Trade, which has built a vibrant community of financial markets traders numbering 70,000 traders in the space of three years.

The D2T price is now back above the stage 1 presale price of $0.0476 after finding a bottom at $0.0096.

At the time of writing D2T trades at $0.050, up 9% in the session, as bulls look to push the coin above its all-time high of $0.060 achieved in early January.

On the volume profile, a pro traders indicator that shows the price points that have attracted the most trading volume to date, the price floor is extremely strong at $0.014840.

35 days until launch and D2T price predictions range between $0.1929 and a 2,000% return at $1

Looking to the near term, with just 35 days to go until the launch of the dashboard, taking a conservative trajectory from the current price trend line as a guide, a target of $0.1929 is warranted – that’s a 300% upside from current price level and the first presale price.

Even more bullish predictions could see D2T maintain its current ascent incline and hit the $1 dollar mark around the time of the dashboard launch or in the period immediately after – that would represent a 2,000% return on the starting presale price of $0.0476.

Savvy investors who bought at the low of $0.0096 will be sitting on paper gains today of 420%.

The presale was broken into five stages, with the fifth stage price set at $0.0556.

Some resistance can be expected around those levels, although judging by the volume profile indicator (see chart below) a large proportion of short-termers from the presale have exited at lower price points (red line below), which will provide ballast for new buyers.

Many presale investors have been dollar-cost averaging into the market to reduce their average entry price and will also be looking at substantial gains.

Buying momentum is being driven by the approaching product launch and the steady flow of listings.

Community can start using Dash 2 Trade from April 11th

(Pictured above are views of the Dash 2 Trade Strategy Builder backtester. Images courtesy Dash 2 Trade)

Although the dashboard does not launch officially until April 11, the presale section is currently in open beta testing by the community – simply provide an email address to take a look around.

Presales are a key area of the market for high returns, but where there are also higher risks.

The Dash Score which is integral to the analytics and other data provided in the presale section, such as social metrics, enables users to quickly get a handle on what is trending in the market and drill down into token profiles for even richer data.

These Dash 2 Trade features will be available to subscribers from April 11th

Presale section – Current beta offering plus tracking amount raised in real-time of latest crypto presale projects. This means users will have actionable insight on what's happening in the market.

Event stream – automated signals and 'events' for coins, which will be updated at least daily

Strategy builder – the first iteration of the backtester will be released. Users can test and share their strategies In essence, users will be able to build and find the signals that fit their interests and risk profile. The sharing feature means users will be able to learn from each other. The full version of the dashboard will include AI-powered social metrics analysis, social trading, an auto-trading API, copy trading, technical indicators, a learn-to-earn academy, curated signals, bots, charting, and much more.

Although not launching in April, another exciting feature to highlight, which will be coming later in the year, is the platform’s trading competition, says the team.

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