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Dash 2 Trade ICO Raises $10.5m, Only 14 Days To Go – Best Presale 2022?

London, England, Friday 23rd December 2022 – There are only 14 days left to invest in one of the biggest ICOs of 2022 as Dash 2 Trade raises $10.5 million and tees up its dashboard beta release.

Investors have grabbed 80% of the D2T token allocation over the past two months, and the run rate of the presale continues to accelerate.

Over the past 24 hours, $500,000 has been raised by the trailblazing trading intelligence project. There is no time to lose to get in on the ground floor to reap ten-bagger gains in 2023.

D2T is the access coin for the system and is priced at $0.0533 in the presale after initially going on sale to investors at $0.0476.

Quality projects still attracting a lot of interest – Dash 2 Trade could 10x at launch

Despite the current bear market conditions, the market for quality presales is still strong and projects underpinned by sound business propositions, such as Dash 2 Trade, can expect to deliver 10x returns for early investors, according to analysts.

Unlike the vast majority of presales that may have an idea and a website but not much else, Dash 2 Trade product development is actually ahead of schedule.

Dash 2 Trade received $200,000 in venture capital seed funding to kickstart its innovative trading analytics and actionable signals platform.

The imminent launch of the presale section of its dashboard is being closely watched by investors and competitors alike.

Post FTX, interest in research and due diligence tools is booming, which means Dash 2 Trade is in the right place at the right time.

More than that, its presale dashboard section is a breakthrough product, targeting the huge alpha potential in this corner of the market.

For a number of reasons, presales are under-researched. That means many retail investors who lack the tools and the time, miss out on the chance of nabbing market-beating returns.

Dash 2 Trade is changing all that – it is opening the door to market-beating returns previously the preserve of crypto hedge funds and other pros with the tools and connections to get in early on hot projects.

Dash 2 Trade’s innovative presale beta dashboard launches on January 5th

In a YouTube walkthrough of the presale section of the dashboard, Dash 2 Trade investors were able to gain a sneak peek of it going through its paces.

This first section of the dashboard to be rolled out in beta delivers on presenting essential metrics and data points on presales in a thorough and easy-to-use way.

It is a polished and well-thought-through first iteration, that includes essential information such as project tokenomics, vesting, raise amounts, social sentiment metrics, smart contract audits, new listings, top selling presale, top social activity, whether a project is externally KYC’d, and much more besides.

All the data is presented in an accessible web interface that includes information that cannot be found anywhere else and certainly not all in one place.

The presale dashboard uses automated systems as well as human intervention to deliver a scoring system of projects to assess key metrics that cannot be evaluated by automated software systems.

This is a professional state-of-the-art crypto analytics and research tool that will level up the playing field for retail investors.

Dash 2 Trade presale project scoring system could become the industry standard

Notably, the presale scoring system takes into account crucial metrics, such as the credentials of the team behind the project, whether the contract has been adequately audited, and the tokenomics of the project.

Dash 2 Trade’s scoring system is very likely to become the new standard in the market for calibrating the quality of projects coming to market, enabling potential investors to rank them accordingly. The ranking goes from 100 (best) to 0.

The full spectrum trading intel platform will include backtesting, auto-trading API, social trading, trading competitions, curated signals, and many other features, making it the new market leader in the space.

Dash 2 Trade is a subscription service that provides institutional-grade features and metrics at a fraction of the cost of competing systems, such as the Bloomberg Terminal or a Glassnode enterprise account.

Subscriptions will be paid for with the D2T token, thus providing permanent and increasing demand for the utility token.

3 CEX listing deals signed with more to come, plus Uniswap if you prefer the self-custody DEX approach

Dash 2 Trade now has three major centralized exchanges lined up to list its token when the presale completes – Changelly Pro, LBank, and BitMart.

If you prefer decentralized exchanges, D2T will also be listing on Uniswap.

The launch partner of Dash 2 Trade is Learn 2 Trade, a trading community of 70,000 people that’s growing fast, providing the crypto project with a pool of partially converted customers to tap into from the outset.

Many of the traders and quants behind Dash 2 Trade have also worked at Learn 2 Trade. What they gleaned from that experience is being put to good use in the building of Dash 2 Trade.

After receiving seed funding earlier this year, Dash 2 Trade has completed all of its Q4 2022 targets.

Where and how to buy D2T token

You need USDT (Tether) or ETH to invest in the presale.

For those who do not have a funded crypto wallet, they can buy ETH with a debit or credit card directly on the Dash 2 Trade site.

Mobile users are best served by using Trust Wallet and navigating to the presale page through the built-in Trust Wallet browser.

Dash 2 Trade smart contract code is fully audited by SolidProof and the team is verified by Coinsniper.

Disclaimer: This is a paid release that was not written by Crypto Online News. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of Crypto Online News. Crypto Online News does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

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