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Dash 2 Trade ICO Raises $12.5m, $500k in 24 Hours, Only 3 Days Left to Invest

London, England, Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 – Crypto signals, bot, and analytics platform Dash 2 Trade has raised more than $12.5 million with only three days left for investors to get in on the action.

Investors in the trading intelligence platform have rushed to contribute $1 million in the last five days alone as fear of missing out on expected stellar returns mounts.

Dash 2 Trade is projected by analysts to deliver 10x gains in 2023.

Presale section of dashboard demo launches Wednesday January 4th

Adding to the momentum behind the project is news that the demo release of the presale section of the dashboard – which provides in-depth data and analytics on upcoming presales – will take place on Wednesday, January 4th.

To get started, simply provide an email in the pop-up when you visit this link at 15:00 CET on January 4th.

Centralized exchange listings 9 days away, on January 11th

And if that’s not enough to whet the appetites of those with money still sitting on the sidelines, a week later, on Wednesday, January 11th, the Dash 2 Trade token (D2T) lists on three top centralized exchanges (CEXs) – Changelly Pro, LBank and BitMart, as well as leading decentralized exchange Uniswap.

Less than 10% of the Dash 2 Trade tokens made available in the presale are left to buy, so prospective investors will need to act quickly or miss out on a low price for what could be the hottest token of 2023.

D2T is priced at $0.0533 in the last phase of its four-stage presale, but is likely to list at a premium on CEXs.

Dash 2 Trade already has a community of 70,000 traders behind the project

Dash 2 Trade has built up a substantial following in the short time since its presale went live in October 2022.

It already boasts a 70,000-strong community of financial markets traders as a result of its partnership with Learn 2 Trade. The project already has 28,000 members of its Telegram channel and 37,000 followers on Twitter.

Potential investors and competitors will be watching closely how the rollout of the demo version of the presale section of the dashboard goes.

The tagline of Dash 2 Trade is ‘built by traders, for traders’, and the imminent launch of the demo version featuring the presale section is a remarkable achievement for such a new project.

Presales are a high-risk high-return corner of the market that has been overlooked by competitor platforms such as Cryptohopper, Maxxer and Cointelegraph Markets Pro.

From Wednesday crypto traders will be able to access the presale section demo, and explore its leading-edge analytics and scoring system – the Dash Score – for the approximately 20-30 crypto project presales that are launched every week.

The default view of the presale demo version ranks presale projects by their Dash Score, with 100 being the best possible score and 0 the worst.

Before the beta release, which will be made accessible from the Dash 2 Trade homepage on Wednesday, interested parties can view the video walkthrough in the YouTube showcase the team has produced.

Comprehensive and in-depth data and analytics on presales gives users the edge

The presale section provides comprehensive information and analytics on all the presales in the market, including those that have recently finished.

To get started, simply provide an email and you are taken directly to the presale beta. It is an open beta so there is no limit on who can take part or the number of users.

In order to access the full live dashboard users will be required to pay for a subscription using the D2T token, but this is not necessary in the beta version.

Sections such as ‘top social activity’, ‘top selling presales’ and ‘new listings’ give users an immediate overview of the state of play in the market by showing the top 5 for each.

Underneath those mini-tables is the main table where tokens are shown and – in the default view – ranked by their Dash Score. The table can be filtered by chain, audit, KYC and VC investment.

Information for each token includes Dash Score, end date, tags, end date amount raised, hard cap, presale market cap, social following, social interaction and chain.

Green and yellow ‘tags’ display more info, focusing on areas such as VC, vesting, audit and cliff.

Hover over the vesting and cliff tags for instance and you will see a details box appear for that particular tag – so vesting period breakdowns or cliff schedules are literally just a mouse move away.

At the end of each row, there is a blue button for quickly adding a token to your watchlist, although this may not be available in the demo version. Drill down into a token’s social metrics and sentiment, token data, tokenomics, and much more.

Click on a token’s name and users are taken to the profile page for the project, as shown in the screenshot above.

If the presale has been audited there is a green colored label showing that. VC backing and whether the project has been externally KYC’d is also labeled, with red for no and green for yes.

Additionally, in the description panel we can see whether there are any confirmed listings for the token.

Hover over the Dash Score and a details box appears that displays the five main scoring areas – team, product, marketing; development and tokenomics.

The scoring system allocates 100 points by drawing on five scoring criteria – the scoring guide pop-up shows how the scoring is weighted.

On the profile page there are also detailed social metrics, divided into followers and engagement with the week-change for each, and a sentiment rating of either positive, negative or neutral.

Other key data points such as the amount raised by the presale, soft and hard caps, when the presale started and its end date date and the chain are clearly displayed.

Add to that essentials such as presale and token address, total supply, tokens for liquidity and a full breakdown of the project’s tokenomics and there is everything here that the presale researcher needs.

At the foot of the profile page the Twitter feed for the project is shown, so you can keep up to date with breaking news released by the team.

Nothing else on the market matches Dash 2 Trade’s crypto trading intelligence offering

There really is nothing else on the market that comes close to this initial offering from Dash 2 Trade. Indeed, the Dash Score could soon become the industry’s go-to metric for ranking presale projects.

The team says more features in the presale section will be turned on in a constant stream as work progresses, even while other sections are being built.

Copy trading, social analytics, trading bots and strategy builder that includes full backtesting, crypto trading signals, technical indicators, charting and trading competitions will all be present in the full version of the dashboard.

Dash 2 Trade will also have its very own ‘Learn to Earn’ trading academy that allows users to earn D2T tokens as part of their educational journey.

Bear market and FTX fallout spurs demand for high-quality research products and signals services

Paradoxically perhaps, but the current bear market and the FTX implosion has actually benefited Dash 2 Trade – that’s because the project provides an excellent market fit in meeting the growing demand from retail investors for professional-level tools and analytics.

Dash 2 Trade has been able to respond with great agility in accelerating product development with the help of seed funding from institutional investors. The project has received $200,000 in venture capital in 2022.

Its highly experienced team of quants, traders and devs has helped Dash 2 Trade to hone its product to align with the specific requirements of crypto traders and investors.

In contrast to other crypto projects that focus on a specific sector, the addressable market for dash 2 Trade is the entire crypto investing universe, giving it a potential audience of tens of millions.

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Where and how to buy D2T token

You need USDT (Tether) or ETH to invest in the presale. For those who do not have a funded crypto wallet, they can buy ETH with a debit or credit card directly on the Dash 2 Trade site.

Mobile users are best served by using Trust Wallet and navigating to the presale page through the built-in Trust Wallet browser.

Dash 2 Trade smart contract code is fully audited by SolidProof and the team is verified by Coinsniper.

Disclaimer: This is a paid release that was not written by Crypto Online News. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of Crypto Online News. Crypto Online News does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

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