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Dash 2 Trade Presale Keeps Progressing Quickly: $6.5M Raised

In the wake of the FTX collapse, the Dash 2 Trade presale keeps gaining momentum as it crosses the $6.5 million milestone of funds raised.

Investors are charging toward the presale as they believe that Dash 2 Trade might help make crypto a safer place for investors and traders by providing in-depth market analysis and insights.

The presale is quickly flying through its stages, but you’re still very early to the party to invest.

Dash 2 Trade Raises $6.5 Million in Under One Month.

It’s just under one month since the Dash 2 Trade presale started, and it’s already raised $6.5 million.

The speed of hitting the $6.5 million milestone is remarkable, especially considering they achieved it during one of crypto’s most brutal market conditions.

The presale is selling the D2T token, a utility token that will power the analytical dashboard. Users will require D2T to access the pro features of the platform and will be required to subscribe using the token as a means of payment. It will also be required to run specific features on the dashboard, such as using the backtesting feature to test the profitability of new strategies.

Crypto Analytics Dashboard Set to Provide Valuable Insights

Dash 2 Trade is a world-class crypto analytics and intelligence platform that provides valuable insights to help traders to take their profitability to the next level.

The dashboard offers unique insights into the market and includes actionable trading signals, market predictions, and social analysis to help traders make more informed decisions.

The cryptocurrency market moves at lightning speed, with constant developments across thousands of projects happening regularly. As a result, it’s a tedious task to keep up with all the developments within the market. Providing traders with valuable insight is one of the most significant success factors for a trader on the road to becoming consistently profitable. A trader with up-to-date essential data can consistently make better decisions to succeed in the market.

In addition to the social metrics and actionable trading signals, the platform will also allow traders to develop and test new trading strategies using the data provided by Dash 2 Trade. The platform encourages independent trading strategies, and the backtesting system lets traders test their new systems without risking live capital in the market.

Can Dash 2 Trade Make Crypto Investing Safer?

Investors are rushing to the presale as they believe that Dash 2 Trade can help make investing in crypto a safer space – especially after the breakdown from the FTX Exchange.

One of the ways that Dash 2 Trade will achieve this is by providing a bespoke presale and ICO scoring system.

Keeping track of the presale space helps to provide an idea of where the general market will be heading in the upcoming months. However, it takes a lot of work to research every presale individually, and many are honeypots, scams, and rug pulls, which leaves investors out of pocket.

The Dash 2 Trade presale scoring system provides essential information and metrics to help traders assess the legitimacy of presale tokens.

Moreover, it’s not just a random algorithm that provides a score according to basic metrics. Instead, the team manually scores projects to assess benchmarks that automatic software cannot evaluate.

Overall, the scoring system considers essential markers such as team credentials, team expertise, contract audits, and tokenomics to create a bespoke score for every presale.

World-Class Team Steering the Ship

The presale also keeps progressing after investors learn about the team behind Dash 2 Trade.

The dashboard is being delivered by the same team who created Learn 2 Trade – an FX education and signals platform that attracted over 70,000 users. Learn 2 Trade is a cornerstone in the FX trading industry, and the team intends to create a similar dashboard for the crypto sector.

They have teamed up with highly profitable crypto traders, quants, and AI developers to deliver the crypto-based dashboard and ecosystem.

As a result, they have all the required expertise and business acumen to bring Dash 2 Trade to the forefront of the crypto industry and help traders become highly profitable.

Still Early To Invest

The presale might have already raised $6.5 million, but investors are still very early to the party. The presale occurs over nine stages, increasing prices as each stage sells its token allocation.

We are currently in presale stage 3, which sells D2T for $0.0513. After this stage is finished, the price will increase to $0.0533. After that, the price will continue to grow until the final stage, selling for $0.0622.

This means that early investors will likely come out of the presale with profits once the presale is finished and D2T is listed on major exchanges.

The team has already announced that D2T will be listed on LBank Exchange after the presale concludes;

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