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Dash 2 Trade Presale Raises $10m – Ends Soon, CEX Listing 11th Jan, Dashboard Beta Launches on 5th

The hotly awaited trading analytics and signals ecosystem, Dash 2 Trade, has raised $10 million from investors who have been snapping up its D2T access token.

Yesterday the Dash 2 Trade team released a video showcase of the presale section of its dashboard, the first of the many features that the trading intelligence platform will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

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D2T’s first centralized exchange listing takes place on 11th January. The crypto project has signed listings agreements with LBank, BitMart and Changelly.

Dashboard beta showcase: accessible high-quality presale information in clear and accessible layouts

The YouTube walkthrough of the presale section of the dashboard provides Dash 2 Trade investors and forthcoming users with a chance to see the presale section beta in action, before its release to the community on 5th January 2023.

Initial takeaways are that this is a slick and well thought out piece of software, all made easily accessible in a web interface.

It does what it says on the tin by presenting in easy-to-consume fashion all the essential details that someone looking to invest in a presale would want.

At the landing page, users are immediately presented with three key sections laid out horizontally at the top of the view, showing ‘top social activity’, ‘top selling presales’ and ‘new listings – with the top 5 in each category made clickable.

In the ‘top social activity’ mini table you can at a glance see an aggregation of all a project’s followers across all their social media and the rate of growth.

Next up is the top selling presales, listed by amount raised and showing the start date of the presale.

Finally, the third mini table shows users the new listings, with the most recent shown first and market cap of the token.

Under the mini tables is the main part of the page, listing 10 tokens per page. All the tables can be filtered by chain, audit, KYC and VC investment.

Data for each token is divided up into Dash Score, end date, tags, end date amount raised, hard cap, presale market cap, social following, social interaction and chain.

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Tags are a great example of the presale dashboard section’s simple and effective presentation of information

Tags is a great UI feature that provides even more info, focusing on areas such as VC, vesting, audit and cliff.

Hover over the vesting and cliff tags and you will see a details box appear for that particular tag – so vesting period breakdowns or cliff schedules are literally just a mouse-move away.

At the end of each row there is a blue button for quickly adding a token to your watchlist.

Token profile view is information-rich

When you click on a token you are taken to the full profile for that project. There’s a brief description at the top of the view.

If the presale has been audited there is a green colored label showing that. Venture capital (VC) backing and whether it has been externally KYC’d is also labeled, with red for no and green for yes. Also in the description panel we can see whether there are any confirmed listings for the token.

Dash Score could become an industry standard key metric for scoring presales

Just above the project description text in the Dash Score. In the video walkthrough we see that the Swords of Blood has a Dash Score of 66. What does that mean exactly?

Hover over the score and a details box appears that displays the five main scoring areas, which are: team; product; marketing; development and tokenomics.

The scoring system allocates 100 points divided among the five scoring areas. The scoring guide pop up shows how the scoring is weighted.

On the profile page we find detailed social metrics, divided into followers and engagement with the week-change for each, and a sentiment rating of either positive, negative or neutral.

We see here the amount raised, soft and hard cap, when the presale started and its end date date and the chain.

More token information is displayed in list form, including presale and token address, total supply, tokens for liquidity and any available listing information.

Tokenomics is presented in a colored pie chart with clearly presented labels for each segment.

At the bottom of the view is the default news feed, pulling in stories from top crypto news outlets.

The dashboard has a default dark mode but this can be toggled on and off and in the news feed section, Twitter and Medium posts can be brought up too.

Investors eagerly await Dash 2 Trade presale dashboard beta release on 5th January

With the beta landing in the new year, the showcase is sure to add welcome flesh on the bones for prospective investors thinking about investing in the project.

It is an impressive achievement to have this major product pretty much ready to go before the presale has even ended.

Other features of the dashboard will include backtesting, social trading, auto-trading, trading competitions, and fully actionable curated signals.

Because of the VC seed funding previously received by the project, product development was able to proceed ahead of the start of the presale.

In addition, the project’s partnership with Learn 2 Trade, which is home to 70,000 traders – 40,000 of them active – Dash 2 trade is sure to get off to a flying start.

Nearly $10 million has been raised in the presale and as at the time of writing there are 20 days to go and less than a quarter of tokens still available to the public.

Dash 2 Trade smart contract code is fully audited by SolidProof and the team is verified by Coinsniper.

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