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DeFi Leaders Gather at SCB 10X Virtual Summit Post Crypto Apocalypse

SCB 10X, the venture investment arm of SCBX group, announced today the return of ReDeFine Tomorrow 2022, the company’s third annual worldwide DeFi and Web3 virtual summit. From July 21 to 22, the event will bring together an all-star lineup of renowned DeFi and Web3 innovators and changemakers from across the world to discuss the future of decentralized finance and Web3.

The speaker lineup includes Solana Labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko, Ava Labs president John Wu, Compound founder and CEO Rob Leshner, Nansen co-founder and CEO Alex Svanevik, Metaplex Studios CEO Stephen Hess, Fireblocks co-founder and CEO Michael Shaulov, Synthetix founder Kain Warwick, Circle co-founder, chairman and CEO Jeremy Allaire, Polygon co-founder and chief operating officer Sandeep Nailwal, Aave Companies founder and CEO Stani Kulechov, B2C2 group CEO and B2C2 Japan CEO Phillip Gillespie, Lido co-founder Konstantin Lomashuk, and many more of the industry’s most influential builders.

“We view this bear market as an opportunity for DeFi and Web3 projects to focus on building and expanding the ecosystem as well as paving the way for future innovations,” said Mukaya “Tai” Panich, chief venture and investment officer at SCB 10X. “With the rapidly evolving nature of the DeFi and Web3 space, there is little doubt that 2022 will see further significant improvements and opportunities. We are excited to bring this two-day virtual summit event to our audience during this tumultuous time in the industry.”

Though some have expressed their concern that DeFi might soon implode, Robert Leshner, the CEO of Compound Labs and founder of one of DeFi's blue chip protocols explains that this is unlikely. Leshner, who will be speaking at SCB 10X’s ReDeFiNE Tomorrow 2022 Virtual Summit explained in an Axios article: “The reason why this won't happen with DeFi protocols is because, by design, they are completely the opposite of these centralized platforms that are imploding right now. They're radically transparent, you can see exactly what's happening. But more importantly than that, they operate based on open source code that can't change its mind on a whim."

This challenging year of DeFi has seen total value locked (TVL) drop 60% from the all-time high of approximately $250 billion in Dec. 2021 to $70 billion in June 2022, caused by various global macroeconomic drivers that are further amplified by the recent crypto market collapse. Nevertheless, the growth in DeFi adoption and TVL has significantly increased over the past three years and will continue to demonstrate strong fundamentals with many established use cases in the real world and Web3.

The virtual summit will provide guests with the opportunity to hear from DeFi and Web3 thought leaders who have experienced cycles of economic downturn. They will provide informative sessions on how to navigate a bear market, how to discover emerging opportunities, and what to anticipate during these tough times.

To learn more, visit the site or register for the event.

About SCB 10X

SCB 10X Co., Ltd. is a holding company of the SCBX Group, and was established in January 2020 with a “moonshot mission” to achieve exponential growth through technology innovation and investment with a focus on disruptive technology, digital assets, blockchain, the Metaverse and Web3 via its two arms, Venture Capital and Venture Builder.

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