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Degen Lounge Casino announces Poker High Roller Event with well-known Influencers and Entrepreneurs

On Friday 13 January 2023, an exciting Poker High Roller tournament will take place with $50,000 to be won. The event will be broadcast live on YouTube and will feature some well-known influencers and entrepreneurs.

Among the participants is the successful entrepreneur Karl Ess, the famous Tik-Toker and Instagram star Shredifestyle and many other familiar faces.

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The High Roller event is hosted by the well-known platform “Degen Lounge Casino” and promises exciting action and entertainment for poker fans around the world. Participants will play for the $50,000 prize money that will be distributed during the event.

The High Roller event will start at 8pm CET on Friday 13/01/2023 and will last throughout the night. Spectators can look forward to an exciting and entertaining event where they will have the chance to see their favorite stars in action.

Overall, the High Roller event promises to be a highlight for poker fans and entertainment lovers. Watch the event live on YouTube and follow the action as the participants battle it out for the prize money.

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