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DelNorte and NEAR Announce Strategic and Technology Partnership  

Last May 2022, the technology company DelNorte Holdings Inc. and the NEAR Protocol announced a strategic and technological partnership to boost the global smart contract market (NFT), accelerate the digitization of the world and expand the infrastructure of digital markets.

The agreement was signed after a series of talks in Miami, USA, where DelNorte founders Anton Glotser and Yuriy Chudinov took advantage of their stay to meet with NEAR's board of directors.

The purpose of the alliance between the technology companies is to continue the digital innovation processes, as well as to enhance the performance, security, speed and flexibility of smart contracts and take the NFT industry to the next level.  

DelNorte is a pioneer in the generation of legally recognized NFT certificates from the tokenization of real assets, and with the backing and security of blockchain technology, plans to digitize millions of assets around the world. 

DelNorte's Blockchain technology platform contributes to the digitization of industries, the management and certification of Intellectual Property (IP), the resolution of land and real estate conflicts, the management and mobilization of resources, the management of digital identity and the improvement of digital payment systems.  

For its part, Near is a Blockchain platform compatible with smart contracts that has its own scaling solution and has been designed to lead the next generation of decentralized applications (Daap).  

Unlike platforms such as Ethereum (an open source network where users can build and deploy decentralized applications and perform transactions), NEAR's technology allows the user to make multiple transactions in parallel.

In addition, NEAR allows for royalty splits within a single smart contract, meaning that a single smart contract can be directly linked to multiple digital wallets and each wallet will receive its percentage in an automatic, secure and standardized way.  

This scalability enables higher network performance, streamlines payment processes, reduces costs and exponentially increases the number of transactions.  

Using NEAR infrastructure and proprietary transaction/payment protocols, Delnorte can guarantee the price of each commercial transaction.

With the alliance between DelNorte and NEAR, the future of smart contracts (NFT) - an industry in unstoppable growth - guarantees the arrival of a new era for decentralized financial systems, the digital economy and the Metaverse.  

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