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Despite Fear In The Crypto Market Due To BTC & SHIB, GNOX Holders Are Celebrating A 60% Price Surge

Vast swathes of the crypto market have suffered huge losses in recent weeks. With nobody sure what the bottom of the market will be, many are losing confidence in crypto. But they shouldn’t be. The long-term tech is here to stay. While it may be impossible to time “buying the dip” on BTC correctly by guessing the absolute bottom, most people still believe it’s going to go back up again at some point.

Even so, retail investors are on the run. Some are losing complete confidence in BTC. And in a market where most of the embedded price is due to sentiment rather than underlying fundamentals, confidence is important. But there are still potential profits in crypto, particularly in GNOX. Let’s look at how GNOX has performed compared two two other cryptocurrencies recently…

BTC and SHIBA in the bear market

Putting these two selections together might be seen as an interesting choice. One of them is the true “store of value” in the crypto world, the gold standard. That’s Bitcoin. The other… is SHIBA, some argue little more than a memecoin. But nonetheless. These two coins are interesting to look at together because they both represent different ends of the market. The most established “big” coin, and a highly volatile sentiment-based currency.

Their performance during the current bear run proves that no end of the crypto market is safe. BTC, once hailed an inflation hedge, has been shown to be nothing of the sort. With worries about an impending recession, market analysts worry about how low BTC’s true price could be.

Similarly, SHIBA has also seen big losses in recent weeks. If people have less money for essentials like food, they’re going to be far less likely to spend their money on altcoins like SHIBA.

The strength of GNOX

But there’s one coin that’s remarkably been beating the bear market in recent weeks. GNOX. GNOX’s price has surged more than 60% in the last few weeks. All during pre-sale. They’ve already sold more than 49million coins and that figure is expected to continue to rise. What’s more, further token burns are planned to help reduce supply. That price could go even higher.

And importantly for a bear market success story: it isn’t just about the price gains. The real value in GNOX is in the long term. Holding. That’s because GNOX’s unique treasury of funds (built from a sales tax) is invested on behalf of its holders. They’re given real passive income returns, at a time when savings are hard to come by.

Gnox’s performance over the last few weeks has been remarkable at a time when most other coins are struggling. And aside from short-term price fluctuations, holding GNOX in the long-term offers real benefits to retail investors that might have been hesitant about the wider crypto space recently. That’s why GNOX is a winner.

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