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DigiToads Presale Breaks Funding Records as Top Altcoins Decline

DigiToads Presale Breaks Funding Records as Top Altcoins Decline
DigiToads Presale Breaks Funding Records as Top Altcoins Decline

The cryptocurrency industry is vast and encompasses various projects like DigiToads, which has multiple real-world use cases. Despite the complexities, keeping the community engaged and satisfied is a challenging task. Cardano (ADA) and Chainlink (LINK) have been pioneers in this space, having mastered the art of utility, which is the key to captivating an audience. However, their popularity seems to be waning, and they are gradually losing steam. Nonetheless, they are still significant projects worth investing in.

On the other hand, DigiToads is performing exceptionally well in the market. The project's presale has broken records, and it is gearing up for an official launch next month. To learn more about DigiToads and the ongoing situation involving Chainlink and Cardano, read on.

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DigiToads Record-shattering Presale Breaking Records

The cryptocurrency industry has been in existence for more than a decade, and during this time, some projects have stood out while others have faded away. Among them are numerous secondary cryptocurrencies that operate on the Ethereum network. DigiToads is currently experiencing exceptional market performance, with its record-breaking presale demonstrating high demand for dual-faceted crypto projects and their impact on the market. The project has raised over $6.2 million and is still collecting more funds in the weeks leading up to its official launch. As of now, investors hold over 369 million TOAD tokens. The groundbreaking presale has already sold over 98% of the allocated tokens for stage 9 of the project, indicating that interested parties should take action soon.

The project's success can be attributed to its investor-centered approach. Initially, a single token was priced at around $0.01, but now it costs $0.05, reflecting a jump of nearly 370%. If this momentum continues, the project will see a rise of about 450% on August 15th, when the TOAD token is officially launched. The project's multifaceted nature extends beyond its financial appeal. DigiToads runs TOAD NFTs alongside its crypto assets, with the two complementing each other within the immersive virtual world it has created. TOAD NFTs are already available on OpenSea and the DigiToads website, where investors can mint them.

NFTs provide not only passive income opportunities but also a fun-filled angle for game enthusiasts. The assets power the play-to-earn feature in the DigiToads metaverse, where they serve as characters that battle each other with the help of their owners to top the leaderboards. The leaderboards offer opportunities for passive income, as the winners receive more TOADS as prizes from the prize pools.

Cardano, a well-known name among crypto enthusiasts, has been in the market for a while and has a blockchain that is on par with other top players like Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, the project has failed to excite and has gradually lost steam over time. As of now, investors in the project have no way of earning passive income, and there is no clear roadmap for the project.

Chainlink, on the other hand, has also been losing some steam in the markets and failing to inspire investors due to price struggles.

In contrast, DigiToads continues to be a standout project, especially for those looking to add a utility-focused project with a root meme to their portfolio. Its monumental early run is something that can excite investors.

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