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Discover the Possibilities of the Metaverse with This New Crypto Project – How to Buy Early?

RobotEra is creating a new decentralized metaverse virtual world where participants become robot avatars. Its native TARO token is one of the most valuable assets in the market, having raised over $563,000 in a matter of weeks.

This article will explain how investors can purchase the token.

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RobotEra – Build a Planet & Earn

RobotEra is the newest and most exciting metaverse gaming platform in the market at the moment.

The platform comes with a compelling plot, highlighting a planet called Taro at the stage of a war between its inhabitants and an army of robots. The planet bore the brunt of the conflict and is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As a result of a sequence of events triggered by a native scientist, the inhabitants were exterminated, leaving the robots stranded.

With only the world they created left, the robots must rebuild Taro. Players in this game come in as robots, choosing as many avatars as they like from the seven types of robots available.

With RobotEra, the emphasis is on control. Players have control over what they buy and build in the ecosystem.

Multiple Monetization Options

One of the main benefits of RobotEra is the variety of ways players can profit. Players can easily monetize the assets they already own. For instance, a player can build a concert venue and charge people to come in and enjoy shows.

And, with the game itself being filled with quests and side missions, players can take a break from the world-building tasks and enjoy themselves while still making a profit.

RobotEra requires no prior coding experience and allows players to construct dynamic 3D scenes, sounds, physics, user interaction, and more.

TARO – The Best Coin for Gains

RobotEra’s developers are now conducting a presale for the game’s native TARO token. The presale is still in its first stage, raising over $563,000 in less than two months.

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To buy TARO, follow these steps:

Create a Crypto Wallet

The first step will be to create a crypto wallet where the tokens will be sent. We recommend MetaMask as it is one of the most notable wallet options available.

Hold ETH or USDT

To purchase TARO, investors must first buy some USDT or ETH if they do not already have some. ETH and USDT are available on different exchanges.

Connect the Wallet

After funding the wallet, the next step is to link the wallet to the RobotEra presale platform.

Visit the RobotEra platform and click on the “Connect wallet” button. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect the chosen wallet, the process should take only a few minutes.


After connecting the wallet, TARO can be purchased directly. The minimum purchase amount is 1,000 TARO, which is about $20 worth of ETH or USDT. Also, be sure to account for transaction charges.

Claim Your RobotEra Tokens

Once the RobotEra presale is complete, investors can add TARO tokens to their wallets.

To do this, go to the RobotEra dashboard, select ‘Claim,’ and then follow the instructions onscreen to add TARO to the same wallet used to make the presale purchase.

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