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Do Kwon, Reportedly In Hiding In Europe, Taunts Cops For A ‘Meet Up’

Crypto bigshot Do Kwon, who is wanted by prosecutors and the subject of a class action lawsuit by more than 300 investors from Singapore, is reportedly seeking refuge in Europe.

This is according to information shared both by the South Korean prosecutors and the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

The 1927-founded national broadcaster said it is “understood that Kwon is in Europe” after he left the third country he fled to during his attempts to elude authorities following the collapse of Terra Labs.

Up until October 19, even after reports of him moving to Singapore and even to Dubai came out, Do Kwon’s whereabouts were unknown as authorities repeatedly failed to capture the Terra co-founder.

That is until authorities, who found evidence that Kwon did manipulate the market price of Terra, revealed that the wanted personality is currently in Europe as an illegal immigrant.

Alright ill throw a meetup/conference soon to get over this in hiding bs Cops from world over welcome to attend — Do Kwon (@stablekwon) November 3, 2022

Challenge Issued: Getting Over The ‘Hiding’ Bullspit

Just like the last time Kwon broke his silence amid speculations that he was in hiding, the Interpol Red Notice-listed personality is once again taking the fight to social media.

In what could only be described as an attempt to convince the public he is not running away, Do Kwon uses Twitter to invite the police to join and finally meet him.

“Alright ill throw a meetup/conference soon to get over this in hiding bs. Cops from world over welcome to attend,” said his post.

This was followed by another post on the same thread which said:

“For those of you that have been spreading falsehood on the taxpayers dime, you are invited with VIP honors – will even pay for your plane ticket. Show if you dare.”

This gutsy call out made by Do Kwon can mean he is confident that authorities are nowhere close in capturing him even though they have “partially identified” his current location.

Almost No Way Out

With all the charges against him, Do Kwon was the subject of some measures that were meant to help the police capture him.

He was included by the Interpol to its Red Notice list on September 25 which meant he has “wanted” status in most countries, making it difficult for him to move from time to time.

Kwon, however, managed to get around this after he reportedly found his way to Dubai, a crypto friendly territory with few extradition treaties.

South Korean officials have also revoked Kwon’s passport, making him an instant illegal immigrant anywhere he is right now as his travels between countries can no longer be considered legal.

Still, he continues with his Houdini act and while authorities now have an idea as to his current general location – as long as his exact position can’t be pinpointed – Do Kwon will still remain one step ahead of his pursuers.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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