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Dogeliens, Ethereum, And Algorand Look Promising At This Time Of The Year

The cryptocurrency market is currently at a total volume of $80.50 billion, a significant increase from the bear market rally that has lingered for months. Bitcoin (BTC) is at $21,000 and most altcoins are beginning to mirror this increase. Ethereum (ETH) and Algorand (ALGO) are two cryptocurrencies performing well currently, with Ethereum showing around 7.4% potential growth and Algorand performing better than many cryptocurrencies.

Algorand (ALGO), the proof-of-stake protocol, continues on its upward thread and is currently over 21% higher today. These values are concise with the general increase we’re beginning to see with several cryptocurrencies. Buying any of the tokens positions you better for the bull market that isn’t too far ahead.

Additionally, Dogeliens (DOGET) is a low-risk asset looking promising in the meme coin market. The new meme coin project is currently on presale and gives enough room for a potential increase right after launch. Let’s discuss these three cryptocurrencies as profitable investment options to add to your portfolio.


The Ethereum blockchain (ETH) is second to none in terms of enabling dApps to build conveniently. It is a second-generation blockchain that powers thousands of market-decentralized applications and exchange systems. Ethereum was built to transcend the first-generation blockchain, Bitcoin, and provide a wider adoption of cryptocurrencies for users in the landscape.

After the merge, the network recently switched from the POW to the PoS consensus mechanism. It is well on its way to building a better scalable blockchain system for its community. Ethereum, alongside other cryptocurrencies, saw a notable price increase in the past week and looks more promising and profitable than ever since the beginning of 2022.

Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand (ALGO) is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that integrates cutting-edge blockchain technology in optimizing usability and functionality. The Algorand (ALGO) network is acknowledged as self-sustaining and has seen its user base grow rapidly since its introduction.

Algorand (ALGO) is a blockchain network aiming to solve the problems of blockchain trilemma by offering ultra speed, lower transaction costs, and decentralization also. The network’s native currency, ALGO, is designed to reward operators while maintaining network security. The token has also seen a tremendous price increase in the past weeks and could be tagged one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies of Q4. Algorand is a permissionless, open-source blockchain system that enables developers and project creators to build easily.

Dogeliens (DOGET)

Dogeliens (DOGET) is a meme coin project launching on the binance smart chain. Dogeliens is a DeFi meme coin that intends to integrate an NFT marketplace and a blockchain education hub into its network features. The NFT ecosystem will enable players to earn on their gameplay. The network also intends to launch its metaverse, where users can have maximum fun and earn while at it.

Dogeliens(DOGET) aims to offer users maximum fun while providing essential utilities for the communities to grow. The blockchain education hub is an interesting addition that will further the usability of cryptocurrencies and bring more people into the DeFi space. The meme coin aims to help users generate money, gain easy access to DeFi utilities and enjoy the fun and entertainment accessible to the meme coin community.

Dogeliens is currently on presale, allowing early investors to buy at the lowest price and make the highest profits possible. The tokens are selling quickly; click here to join before the presale ends.

For more information on Dogeliens, check out the links below.

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