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Don't Miss Out: This Innovative New Play-to-Earn Crypto Just Raised $2.5 Million – How to Buy?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 – Meta Masters Guild (MMG), a cutting-edge gaming ecosystem that uses blockchain technology to offer unique experiences has just surpassed $2.5 million in its ongoing presale.

This figure comes just days after the project successfully exceeded the $2 million milestone.

The project has now nearly sold out the fourth stage of its presale, with the next stage seeing the price of MEMAG tokens increasing from $0.016 to $0.019 – an 18.75% rise.

With the pace of the fundraising picking up drastically over the past few days, potential investors will need to move smartly to get in at the lowest possible price.

Changing the Game with a Unique In-Game Currency

Meta Masters Guild is a gaming platform that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and uses its own unique cryptocurrency, MEMAG.

Players can earn exciting prizes, including in-game currencies and NFTs, through participation in different activities.

All games on the platform make use of the MEMAG token, which can be traded in for Gems, the in-game rewards currency.

The distinction between the MEMAG token and the in-game currency, Gems, enables Meta Masters Guild to stand out from the competition by having its app approved by both Android and Apple on their respective app stores.

The goal of Meta Masters Guild is to offer a distinctive Web3 gaming experience where players have control over their virtual items.

Perhaps most importantly, players can earn rewards by being actively engaged.

The company places a high value on player satisfaction through rewarding experiences and high-level competition, supporting esports teams and content creators at the same time.

Low Costs and High Standards – A Recipe for Success

Since Meta Masters Guild is focused on building a platform for mobile play-to-earn games, its production costs are much lower than those of console game publishers – but its ambitions are just as high.

With lower costs and high standards, the developers behind the Meta Masters Guild are well-equipped to build a robust and engaging gaming experience for players.

Indeed, MMG is committed to creating games that are entertaining, highly replayable, and able to retain players' interest over an extended period which is more that can be said about much of the competition.

MMG currently has three games in development, the fast-paced racing game Meta Kart Racers, an open-world metaverse game, Meta Masters World, and the fantasy combat game Raid NFT.

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How to Buy MEMAG?

The Meta Masters Guild presale can be accessed through the Meta Masters Guild website.

Simply connect a supported crypto wallet such as Metamask or Trust Wallet and purchase $MEMAG using ETH or USDT.

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