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Don’t Miss This Huge Play to Earn Crypto Opportunity – 5 Days to Beat Next Presale Price Rise

The web3 gaming sector has been catching momentum with new entrants like Meta Masters Guild (MMG) set to change the future of the space. Unlike existing play-to-earn ecosystems like The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Decentraland, MMG strives to remove all barriers to entry so that users can focus on playing the games they actually like.

Investors have over the last few weeks been scooping up MEMAG, the token powering the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem in a presale that has raised over $2.79 million, far ahead of the first exchange listing.

To put this into perspective, there are only 33 million MEMAG tokens left in stage 5 of the presale before the price increase to $0.021, or in about five days – whichever comes first. The price will keep rising in the coming stages, with MEMAG expected to set back investors $0.023 in the seventh round.

The Meta Masters Guild presale is selling out fast not only because the price floated is relatively low, but it is one of the best crypto presales of 2023. Investors appear to be appreciating the need to have a new approach to play-to-earn in the blockchain industry.

It is worth mentioning that Meta Masters Guild is the world’s first mobile-focused Web3 gaming platform. The simple idea behind MMG is to develop and launch games that have the potential to create a modern, yet decentralized gaming ecosystem—one that enables community members to earn rewards sustainably.

According to Digital Market Insights, the revenue from mobile-based games is expected to grow to $315 billion in 2023 with “an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 7.63%.” The sector’s market volume could reach $419 billion by 2027. Similarly, the number of active users in the space will likely grow to 2,232.9 million by the same 2027.

Meet the Revolutionary Mobile-Focused Meta Masters Guild P2E Platform

Meta Masters Guild in collaboration with Gameround, an ecosystem of game developers is working on the first mobile game dubbed Meta Kart Racers. The PvP game, currently in development, will see players battle against each other in the Meta kart Championship, where they are required to dodge the evil Meta overloads. The team believes that Meta Kart Racers will be ready to launch later in 2023.

Players earn an in-game currency called Gems for their achievements on the track. The earning system revolves around a skill-based competition coupled with resource collection and a player-driven upgrade cycle, enabling players to earn real rewards.

According to Gideon Clifton, the CEO of Gameround, this entry-game version will feature a free entry-level NFT character alongside a kart. However, there will be premium versions on sale in a dedicated marketplace.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the mobile gaming community by introducing fun and rewarding Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, with Meta Kart Racers being the first in the MEMAG launch collection,” Clifton said in a statement.

Players in Meta Kart Racers can choose between three unique tribes such as cyber, punks, and apes as they battle it out on the track. Gameround is one of the leading mobile games developers globally, having created games like Boohoo boasting over $1 in revenue.

Two more games in the pipeline are Raid NFT and Meta Masters World. The former is a turn-based fantasy fighting game, where players would choose between several warrior classes and then fight it out in one of the many hostile environments. On the other hand, Meta Masters World would launch a metaverse for the ecosystem.

Meta Masters Guild Ecosystem Is Gazing Beyond P2E

Although the ecosystem is built around the crypto gaming industry, users do not necessarily need to be players to thrive here. The team has devised numerous ways to ensure sustainable growth for all members.

While many P2E projects struggle to keep up with the changing user interest, Meta Masters Guild will give community members the privilege of creating games to increase their earnings.

Revenue can also come from the supply of in-game currencies, content creation, giveaways, and other organized events. Rewards earned in Gems can be exchanged for MEMEG tokens and staked to generate more revenue.

Gems could also be used to buy other in-game assets and to pay for upgrades. A bustling marketplace will allow members to buy NFTs with Gems. Moreover, users can choose to swap Gems with other cryptos in the market like ETH.

MEMAG Tokenomics

The presale is already in stage five, which could elapse in less than five days from now. With only 1 billion in maximum supply, only 35% of the tokens are accessible in the presale. The team will spare 15% of the supply to cater to liquidity requirements on exchanges. No vesting period has been set for the tokens, although the presale has a hard cap of $4.97 million.

Meta Masters Guild Tokenomics

More details on tokenomics can be found via the link below. Although it is worth mentioning that 15% of the supply will go to development, and 15% to the in-house marketplace, the company gets 10% while the team would keep 10% of the supply.

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