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Earn while having fun with Big Monkeys NFTs

Big Monkeys are about to launch their NFT collection with tokens of 8 different powers. The mint will happen on June 30: it’s time to get to the whitelist to grab those NFTs at the best price.

Big Monkeys have a big, exciting plan ahead: after their initial NFT collection mints, it will get expanded, creating its own metaverse and bringing together a community of like-minded people who can earn while having fun, communicate with each other, and sell various services.

What’s included in the collection?

Big Monkeys created 888 NFTs that combine 8 different powers: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Space, Gravity, Nature, and Magic. The Earth NFTs are the most common ones, while the Magic NFTs are the rarest.

After the first-generation collection consisting of 888 NFTs, Big Monkeys will launch some more tokens: 2222 and 555.5. With the second generation, holders will also get invited to play the Big Monkeys Game. It’s a play-to-earn game where NFT holders will get an extra avatar based on their token. Those who don’t have a token can also play, but an NFT avatar allows for more perks and bonuses.

What’s in it for holders?

Plenty of perks await holders of Big Monkeys NFTs but you have to collect those of different powers. If you get several repeating powers, you can exchange them with other holders to diversify your collection and reap the benefits.

Holders of 2 tokens will get free access to the BIG University: it’s your chance to learn from the best blockchain professionals and receive education in the field of NFT. If you’ve been toying with the idea of investing in a crypto project, BIG University will help you straighten all the nuances out. University’s practical courses will prepare new NFT investors and creators.

Holders of 4 NFTs of different powers can become residents of Big Monkeys metaverse and get extra money from the BIG bank. How does this bank work? The BIG Bank gets constantly replenished by 5% from coin trading. Its capital will be broadcasted every day on Big Monkeys website, and all the profits collected in the bank will be distributed among the residents once a month. That’s right: you can enjoy earning extra money by just being a resident and doing nothing. The amount of payments depends on how many tokens you have and how rare they are.

Holders of 8 tokens of different powers get an individual 3D avatar on top of other perks. They will become a part of the Land of BIG Opportunities — a community of freedom where everyone can learn a profession and build a team in a chosen niche. You’ll be surrounded with different professionals and will have marketing and media support to bring your projects to life.

Sounds intriguing, right? All these ambitious plans will soon become a reality. Get ready to mint an NFT from Big Monkeys collection on June 30, 2022 for 0.13 eth + commission.

“Freedom” is the word that drives everything that Big Monkeys do. If you share their love of freedom and money, get on board!

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