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Experience the Power of Automated Trading With This New Crypto Platform

Dash 2 Trade features a wide range of tools, data sources, and indicators to help investors and traders beat the market. The platform is now in the final days of its D2T token presale and has raised over $11.37 million in investment.

Crypto’s Native Bloomberg Terminal

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto research and analytics platform currently making waves in the market. The platform was launched to be a repository of information for investors and traders who would like to conduct thorough and extensive research on assets before making investment decisions.

Looking to be the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto,” Dash 2 Trade provides investors with a resilient toolset that they can use to optimize their trading and investments. From a strategy builder and a trading application program interface (API) to signals and access to new coins and presales, Dash 2 Trade provides everything traders need and much more.

Community members will also be treated to different trading competitions and community initiatives where they can profit and earn additional rewards.

Dash 2 Trade has tapped into a significant need in the crypto market. Over the years, the massive volatility of crypto has made it important for investors to access high-quality information before they make decisions. Market participants also want to ease the burden of extensive fundamental and technical research from their shoulders.

Investors can gain access to crypto signals, which effectively allow them to obtain data from top traders in the market and follow their patterns. D2T has a social trading platform that enables investors and traders to identify top market participants, immediately engage with them, and copy their trades.

Safe Investments for Everyone

Besides offering access to all the research tools investors need, Dash 2 Trade also puts a massive premium on safety. Many investors have lost trust in centralized platforms due to the recent wave of market insolvencies, and crypto projects have suffered, essentially leaving their users and investors stranded.

Investors can use Dash 2 Trade to access high-quality liquidity data on assets, exchanges, trading platforms, and more. With this data, they can determine which projects are profitable and which to avoid.

The D2T Token

Dash 2 Trade currently offers a native token to investors as part of its initial rollout process. The crypto asset, known as D2T, is primarily used to pay for Dash 2 Trade’s services; customers can pay 400 D2T per month for Dash 2 Trade’s Starter service tier or 1,000 D2T per month for Dash 2 Trade’s Premium service tier.

Holding D2T is also the primary medium through which users engage in Dash 2 Trade’s many competitions and community initiatives, where they can win more prizes.

So far, investor demand for D2T has been impressive. The digital asset has raised over $11.37 million and is expected to make even more after the presale concludes and is listed on an exchange.

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