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FightOut Crosses $4 Million in Fundraising: Learn Why Everybody is Rushing to this new Move-to-Earn

The revolutionary move-to-earn project, FightOut, recently crossed the $4 million milestone in its fundraising this week. As a result, investors are quickly rushing to get FGHT tokens as early as possible to benefit from the consistently rising prices in the presale stage.

FightOut is making waves in the industry as it seeks to change how move-to-earn projects reward users. Instead of just rewarding users for taking steps, FightOut will provide earning potential for users for a wide variety of exercises – totally elevating the move-to-earn sector to new heights.

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FightOut Crosses $4 Million Milestone.

Since launching in late December 2022, FightOut has managed to cross the $4 million milestone in its presale. Raising $4 million in funding in under six weeks is an impressive achievement, especially considering the uncertainty surrounding the crypto markets in recent months.

Investors are hurrying to purchase FGHT because they believe the project will have room to grow substantially over the coming months as it looks to revolutionize the move-to-earn sector.

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Furthermore, excitement is building as the project continues to attract high-profile elite athletes as ambassadors to the project. FightOut has already onboarded Amanda Ribas, a UFC fighter, and Savannah Marshall, a champion boxer, as ambassadors to promote the project. This shows that the project has the right idea regarding marketing and attracting users to its platform.

It seems that the FOMO is really starting to kick in for FightOut as the move-to-earn platform takes Web3 health and fitness to the next level.

FightOut: A Revolution in Move-to-Earn

FightOut is a move-to-earn platform that rewards users for completing workouts in the gym or at their homes. The M2E fitness app is on a mission to gamify the fitness lifestyle industry by providing personalized workout sessions for users and rewarding them if they are completed.

Move-to-earn has been a prominent sector of Web3 over the past couple of years, rewarding users for living an active lifestyle. However, previous M2E apps like STEPN have struggled to provide sustainable rewards with falling crypto prices. Moreover, they often have high barriers to entry as they require users to purchase expensive NFTs before earning.

FightOut wants to change this dynamic. They believe everybody should start earning instantly without needing to buy expensive NFTs and are confident they have created a system that provides sustainable rewards for its users.

FightOut Companion App: Pushing the Limits

The central hub for FightOut will be the Companion App, designed to provide everything a user would need to become in fighting-fit shape. The app features personal exercise routines and on-demand workout classes for the user to follow. In addition, it helps to track workouts and measure the progress and achievements of each user.

When a user signs up for the application, they must provide a range of personal details to create a personalized workout schedule. Users are required to set their goals and input their fitness background, available equipment, location, desired workout types, and time availability for the application to curate a personalized workout routine.

The application can also track other health metrics, such as nutrition and sleep. Furthermore, each exercise is explained through an in-depth instructional video that the head coaches lead at FightOut.

Users are then rewarded for completing workouts and challenges, earning badges, and helping to grow the community.

To make exercising immersive and provide insight into a user’s progress, players are required to mint a Soulbound NFT when they sign up to the app. This digital NFT avatar can be used to access the metaverse. However, this NFT cannot be sold or transferred to other wallets – hence the name “soulbound.”

Data collected from all the workouts go directly into the stat points for a user’s avatar. As a result, the NFT will develop directly alongside the user’s effort through the FightOut ecosystem. As a user becomes physically stronger, they will see it in the mirror and the Soulbound NFT.

Presale Price Increases Every 12 Hours

The current price of FGHT is sitting at $0.02072, with the price increasing every 12 hours. Furthermore, a 50% bonus is available for investors buying FGHT at this stage of the presale.

The price of FGHT will continue to rise until the presale ends on March 31st. Following the end of the presale, the claims dashboard for the token will open, allowing investors to claim their tokens. Then, FGHT will start to be listed on prominent exchanges within the industry. The team has already stated that FGHT will be listing on April 5th at a price of $0.0333 USDT.

One of the most exciting listings that were recently announced is with, a crypto exchange with over 6 million registered users;

FGHT will be the utility token that will power the FightOut Web3 ecosystem. FightOut is a subscription-based service, and users that pay for the subscription in FGHT tokens will receive a 25% discount. Furthermore, FGHT can be used to enter competitions and leagues – with all winnings being paid in FGHT tokens. In addition, they can be used in p2p fitness wagers, allowing users to go head-to-head with one another.

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Overall, purchasing FGHT in the presale stages provides an excellent opportunity for investors to get in early at some of the lowest prices possible.

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