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FightOut Move-to-Earn Crypto Presale Raises $2m, 50% Bonus Ends Soon – Next New Token to Explode

London, England, Friday 16th December 2022 – Launched just this week, new move-to-earn (M2E) crypto project FightOut (FGHT) has already raised $2 million for its futuristic health and fitness platform.

$FGHT is the access token of the FightOut Web 3.0 fitness app and gym chain that combines real-life workouts with competing in the metaverse – a global first of its kind.

The token is on sale now for $0.01665002 (60.06 = 1 USDT) and there is no minimum or maximum purchase amount.

Special 50% token bonus ends soon so hurry

FightOut includes an attractive bonus schedule in which presale investors are rewarded with bonus tokens depending on the amount they invest and the vesting period they opt for.

However, the combined top level bonus of 50% – 25% for investing the highest purchase amount of $50k and 25% for locking up for 24 months – will end when $5 million has been raised in the presale.

That means investors will need to move quickly to secure the most generous bonus payouts.

Multi-billion dollar fitness industry is ripe for disruption

The health and fitness industry has a massive valuation estimated by Statista at $96 billion in 2022, but it is stuck in the past and M2E app and gym chain FightOut is coming to the rescue.

In an exciting and ambitious fundraise of up to $100m, FightOut app and gym chain is setting out to upend one of the most valuable growth industries on the planet.

FightOut raised over $1 million in its 7 day private sale this December and is now rapidly gaining pace in the first round of its public sale.

Fitness is tied to health and wellbeing, so any pathways that make it easier to maintain or achieve fitness goals hold out the prospect of not just helping us all to live longer and have more fulfilling lives, but provide investors in those commercial ventures with financial success too.

FightOut is on a mission to transform the, up to now, dominant Web 2.0 setup, but also to overcome weaknesses it has identified with Web 3.0 Move-to-Earn as currently implemented by projects such as STEPN.

FightOut is backed by Transak, LBank Labs, BlockMedia Labs and

FightOut is bringing Web 3.0 revolution to legacy fitness scene

FightOut’s unique selling points mean it is likely to be a top crypto project in short order.

M2E platforms such as STEPN have done much to popularize the idea of rewarding measurable activity and fitness goals with in-app currencies.

But FightOut takes a giant step beyond already-existing M2E in a number of ways.

First off, FightOut tracks more than just steps – all forms of fitness activity will be measurable through new technological methods, including in-gym sensors.

There are also no expensive NFTs required to be purchased in order to start using the platform.

FightOut’s M2E is not limited to narrow fitness goals either. With FightOut, you are rewarded for adopting a holistic, healthy lifestyle, not just for walking down the road!

Other innovative approaches include a soulbound avatar that is uniquely tied to your in-app self – including attributes like strength, muscular conditioning, cardiovascular performance, technique, and more – and cannot be traded. Stats recorded from your real-life workouts will level up your avatar as you progress.

Your avatar becomes a mechanism for opening fitness to a space of near-infinite virtual world possibilities to make healthy physical activity more social and motivational. Your FightOut avatar opens the door to the FightOut metaverse.

Elite combat athletes will be aspirational role models for all

As well as seeking to drive the adoption of Web 3.0 technology in health and fitness by targeting the hundreds of millions of ordinary people around the world involved in structured or informal exercise and fitness regimes, FightOut is also focusing on the elite ‘combat athlete’.

FightOut will provide pathways for professional athletes such as boxers, but other types of athletes as well, with a “styles make fights” approach that creates tailor-made fitness programs for particular sports and activities.

An intended consequence of this elite athlete inclusion will be seen in the way that it acts as an incentive for non-elite gym clients.

Ordinary app and gym users who will be provided with aspirational encouragement as a by-product of the presence on the platform of elite athletes.

This will take concrete form with in-gym activities, videos and training regimes made by combat athletes in the studios that will be a part of each gym.

Indeed, the gyms will become community hubs for all members, but with a physical presence at them not a required or even necessary part of membership.

FightOut is planning to roll out up to 20 gyms initially, starting in the cities with the most vibrant FightOut communities, with the platform eventually having a hub in all the world's pre-eminent global cities.

FightOut app incentivizes $FGHT adoption and creates value

At the center of the platform is the FightOut smartphone app, where phone and smartwatch-based technology will, in the first instance, be harnessed to measure and track physical performance.

FightOut is a subscription service and both of its two tokens – $FGHT and REPS – can be used to sign up, as can ordinary fiat currency.

In order to underpin the economics of the $FGHT token, there will be a 25% discount for those who buy their subscriptions with $FGHT.

REPS is the off-chain in-app currency of FightOut.

Rewards are earned in REPS and available in-app goods and other services, such as remote consultations with personal trainers or FightOut’s unique fight coaches, merchandise and a whole gamut of digital goods besides, like cosmetics for avatars – are all paid for with REPS.

Additional REPS can be purchased using $FGHT, providing another vector to underpin the value of the $FGHT token.

Combining a metaverse vision with a Web 3.0-powered gym chain for fitness plans that really work

As mentioned, each user’s avatar mirrors their real-world achievements and this acts as a bridge to leaderboards, leagues, tournaments and prizes, thereby leveraging social activity to feedback into encouraging actual physical engagement.

There will even be fights with AI-powered pro-fighters and special competitions that can be organized by community members and brands.

FightOut’s first gym is scheduled to open in Q4 2023, with each gym including a health bar, studio and co-working space.

The FightOut ambassador program will also add value by signing up pro boxers and other elite athletes to promote the brand and run events such as masterclasses.

$FGHT presale token bonus program entices investors

There is a total supply of 10 billion $FGHT tokens with 60% of that amount allocated for purchase in the presale, 10% to liquidity for exchange listings, and 30% to rewards and growing the project.

The presale has a generous rewards program which means that investors receive token bonuses of anywhere between up to 25% for investments of $50,000 and 10% for relatively modest token purchase amounts of just $500.

A vesting period is in operation for all presale token buyers of three months. Additionally, buyers can receive increased token bonuses by selecting longer vesting periods from 6 months (10% bonus) to 24 months (25%).

Because of the bonus rewards, it means that the 60% presale allocation is a base amount and could be higher than that (up to 90%) depending on the level of bonuses actually realized.

Of the funds raised in the presale, 70% will be spent on venue acquisition and refurbishment.

The team behind the FightOut presale has been KYC verified by CoinSniper.

Become part of the growing community and join the fight for a healthier future with FightOut!

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