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Fintech Company Revolut Increases Available Cryptocurrencies, Will Oryen Soon be Added?

Banking and payment firm Revolut has already helped improve mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency payments by including a range of tokens as part of its easy-to-use banking app. But this mainstream acceptance seems to continue as the company recently announced it would increase the number of tokens offered and supported on the app. This is good news for the wider industry and indicates a growing integration of crypto into traditional finance spaces.

While Oryen was not included on the most recent list of additions, many observers indicate they think it could be added soon. This presents enormous upsides for those who’ve already invested in the project and is encouraging more demand for ORY’s first pre-sale phase.

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen has already been making waves while in its very early stages. And these early stages give savvy investors a considerable number of upsides. Once it officially launches, and if it gets included in payment apps like Revolut, prices could continue to surge.

And investors will soon flock to Oryen when they see the range of benefits it gives them. That’s because it has the most accessible passive income potential in crypto, with the highest yields. A massive 90% APY is paid out at regular hourly intervals without any external staking necessary. This eliminates the complications associated with liquidity pooling or staking and means you don’t even have to know what they are to start earning solid yields. It’s the easiest way to earn in crypto, with fast and secure gains that could help you earn the passive income you’ve always dreamed of.


Revolut has recently added a range of new cryptos, improving the future of the digital currency space. ORY could be next and it could also be the perfect investment for your portfolio over the coming months.

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