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Future of Move to Earn is Here as Fight Out Raises $3.47m – Beat Today’s Presale Token Price Hike

The move to earn trend has continued to grow over the course of the last few years. Pioneered by projects like STEPN, the move to earn craze has allowed a plethora of different companies to grow

Fight Out is positioning itself as the future of move to earn

Fight Out is a brand new project that aims to take on the move to earn industry, and use the nexus of health, fitness, and blockchain technology in order to reward people for staying healthy and exercising.

Those who participate in the ecosystem to achieve their fitness goals with the help of the Fight Out mobile app are able to earn FGHT and REPS tokens for doing so.

Fight Out will build a series of gyms in the future, with the first in Q1 of 2023

The team at Fight Out has committed to build a series of gyms around the world in order to traverse the void between the metaverse and the physical realm, and to foster and strengthen their community.

The team is to be acquiring their first gym in the first quarter of 2023, and although attendance at any of the Fight Out gyms isn’t compulsory, they hope that this will foster a welcoming and friendly community.

The team has onboarded a series of brand ambassadors

Thus far, the team has managed to onboard a series of high profile brand ambassadors in order to represent the brand and push the company forward.

These brand ambassadors have a significant following in their relative niches, such as the boxer Savannah Marshall, the fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch, and the MMA fighters Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos.

All of these ambassadors are expected to help push the project forward in the coming months, which the team hopes will significantly boost the value of the token.

The FGHT presale has now raised $3.47m

The FGHT presale has been selling out extremely quickly over the course of last few months, and has now managed to raise an impressive $3.47m, demonstrating an extremely high degree of interest from investors moving forward.

Those who wish to participate in the Fight Out presale can now do so on the Fight Out website, where the price is scheduled to gradually increase with each stage – at the current schedule, the price is to increase every 12 hours.

The Fight Out token, FGHT, is to be listed on a series of different centralised exchanges once the presale has completed, and has recently managed to sign a deal with BKEX, which is to be one of the first.

In addition to this centralised exchange, the FGHT token is also to be listed on a series of decentralised exchanges. In the future, the team hope to list the token on as many more centralised exchanges as possible.

For the opportunity to acquire tokens at early bird prices, one ought to head over to the Fight Out website as soon as possible.

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