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GensoKishi Official Release!! LAND Sales Coming this December.

MMORPG game “GensoKishi Online-Meta World ” released officially on November 30th.

This project is the web 3 incarnation of the iconic Japanese 3DMMO “Elemental Knights Online,” that won the “Game of the Year Gold Award 2012” in Taiwan and accumulated more than 8 million downloads worldwide.

The new web3 release will see avatars and in-game items traded as NFTs – the Genso metaverse will be a virtual space composed of 3DMMO, and an economy run on the Polygon blockchain. Genso’s governance token $MV will be a vital part of this fantasy world, a token that has already snatched up numerous records to date; the fastest sell-out on Trustpad, Kickstarter hall of fame on MEXC, and a record-breaking 69,000 people participated on Bybit’s launchpool event.

This highly anticipated game is a 3DMMORPG with an already active user base, with a fully-functioning 3D metaverse, simultaneously connecting users from around the world. Players go to dungeons, defeat monsters with friends, and interact with players from around the world in real time.

Character avatar skins are NFTs and are called Cosplay NFTs in Genso. These Cosplay NFTs have seen notable collaborations with top game designers such as Yoshitaka Amano, who’s avatars are already available on the official marketplace.

Another feature of the game is that their in-game currency can be converted into $ROND, an actual crypto currency issued by Genso. $ROND is listed on crypto exchange Bybit.

Unlike most social games, the items and in-game currency obtained from playing the game can be taken out of the game.

Another fun element of the game is that players can strategically equip themselves with weapons(NFTs) of optimal strength to attack the monsters in each dungeon. Genso has already seen many users uniquely decorating themselves so they can attack monsters in their own style.

Along with the official release, there are new shops opening in the famed “Genso Mall”. Ledger, the world’s most renowned hardware wallet manufacturer is one of them. GENSO is expecting a massive influx of players who are new to web3 gaming, and the Ledger shop will act as a pit stop for those who want to educate themselves on blockchain security and hardware wallets. Players can also purchase the “Ledger Nano Sword” – Ledger’s in-game item NFT. The first 80 that purchase the item will be gifted a special GENSO collab Ledger Nano X!!

While many blockchain games require an initial investment and a wallet connection, Genso is a free-to-play MMORPG. Genso is welcoming in, web 3 gamers and also the vast majority that are web 2 gamers!

Supported Devices and OS

  • WebGL(Windows、Mac)

  • iOS

  • Android

Major Future Updates

  • Trading NFTs between users

  • The Dragon Tower (PvP challenge dungeon)

  • Shopping mall space increase

  • New Collaboration NFTs (for sale)

  • NFT rentals

  • UGC: Avatars and items designed by users themselves then imported into the game.

  • Housing (Design your own home)

  • Many brands and celebrities’ participation into our metaverse.

The functionality of the game has been updated through the alpha and beta versions, and various functions such as importing and exporting NFT/FTs have also been updated since the official version.

LAND sales are scheduled for December, and the UGC function that will be released in the future will allow users to design their own kingdoms and maps.

To celebrate the launch of LAND, GENSO is offering a free 1×1 LAND to 3 winners. Winners will be selected from the community.


  • Official Twitter :

  • Official Discord :

LAND in the Genso Metaverse

Genso’s fantasy metaverse is composed of land parcels (=LAND).

LAND in the Genso metaverse can be purchased and owned by various companies and individuals to create unique virtual spaces. If that virtual space becomes popular, the value of that LAND will appreciate, thus generating revenue once it is sold.

Anyone can create 3D NFTs such as buildings, items, and avatars by using Genso’s $MV token. Building NFTs can be used to create facilities that will support a variety of experiences on Genso including music concerts, art exhibits, fashion events, games, quests, and contests. Item NFTs are 3D objects that can be used in the Genso metaverse, such as furniture and accessories to decorate the interior of your house. These can also be created and sold by the user, providing a bridge to new markets for businesses that are yet to enter the Web3 world.

In December, Genso will release the LAND Viewer, which will allow users to view the distribution of LAND inside Genso’s many regions.

LAND Details

Overall, there are 400 x 400 (160,000) plots, and LAND is composed of three types.

  1. LAND



The details of each are as follows.


LAND is the smallest plot of 1×1 land, mainly for housing use. It can be used for various purposes; building your own home, as a space to gather with friends, a booth for advertising activities, a studio for holding a private exhibition, etc.

Players can build their own home in the Genso Metaverse. Place Building NFTs, and then create a room of your choice by placing object NFTs(furniture) inside your home. You can spend time with family members you have met in the Genso metaverse and invite your friends to enjoy it.

The LAND area can be expanded using the $MV token.


An ESTATE is a medium-sized parcel of land that can be used to create dungeons or RPG castles of slightly more complex shapes, mainly for housing or commercial use.

Although the data volume that can be handled is slightly smaller than that of LANDMARK lands, players can make simple complexes by arranging small structures.

Size: (2×2)(3×3)(4×4) parcel


The largest parcel of land. A LANDMARK is the largest allotment of land in the Genso Metaverse and the capital of a single zone area.

Mainly for commercial use.

ESTATEs and LANDs belonging to a specific zone, are treated as a member of the capital city, or LANDMARK. The name of the owner of the LANDMARK is recorded in the Metadata of the corresponding LAND_NFT.

Since plenty of data capacity is given for LANDMARKs, owners will be able to freely express their worldview in the area.

Size: (3 x 3) (4 x 4) (8 x 8) (12 x 12)

Note that ESTATEs and LANDMARKs cannot be disassembled into sections.

Comparison of LAND

  • map scale is a number indicating the size of the land parcels.

  • Capacity is the amount of model data that can be placed in that given LAND.

  • Even within capacity, placing too much data may cause slow loading.

  • Activation price is the fee needed to publish your LAND onto the metaverse. (The maintenance fee for LAND is charged in units of 30 days.)


For each LAND type, the white framed area is the actual size of the map where objects can be placed.

By investing and staking $MV, objects can be placed on areas inside the ESTATE. There is a certain capacity in which objects can be placed for each type LAND, ESTATE, and LANDMARK.

Sales Plans

  • Sales Date: Scheduled for December

  • Sale Price: To be announced

  • Sales quantity: To be announced


NFTs, avatars, objects, and items that are available in LAND are compatible with the GensoKishi Online world and can be carried over into each other’s world. Furthermore, LAND will have the same functionality as GensoKishi Online, making it possible for owners to build games and content using the MMO.

Purchasing LAND will grant everyone an initial building space for housing, with several design patterns to choose from.

When the UGC functionality becomes available in the future, owners can freely design and customize the buildings. Buildings can also be equipped with an entrance fee (ROND/MV/USDT) or other elements to generate revenue.


  • The right to vote on LAND construction plans using $MV

  • Participate in a community exclusively for LAND owners.

  • If multiple LANDs are owned in consecutive parcels, LAND can be connected to each other.

  • Rental systems that allow LAND to be rented to others.

  • Banners and links to external websites can be set up in the LAND viewer to advertise a user’s LAND.

  • Sell NFTs within LAND.

How to earn from LAND

LAND allows users to conduct various kinds of business by combining the following functions.

  1. Set fees to enter the LAND

  2. Generate income by showing videos

  3. Sell NFTs

  4. Trade NFTs or tokens

  5. Give away NFTs or tokens

Display and Sell NFT art and merchandise

Users can place NFTs in their LAND to hold private art exhibitions or sell e-commerce-linked NFTs. 3D artworks and other objects can also be displayed and sold on LANDs. By displaying 3D objects within spaces, it would be significantly easier to visualize the size and shape of the objects.

Purchasers of the objects can display those NFTs in their own LAND. Players can design LAND in their own way and expand their ideas.

Earn income by selling avatar costumes and fashionable equipment.

Users can use LAND as a stage to display and sell costumes. Cosplay Equipment can be redesigned through UGC. For example, users can contract with a celebrity to create and sell the celebrity’s design, or even alter and create their own design.

Cosplay Equipment and gear can be brought into the GensoKishi Online World, so users who purchase an outfit will have plenty of opportunities to show off their outfits and be satisfied with their purchase.

It is a great way to show off your outfit, explore dungeons, and enjoy

Create and sell NFT items using UGC

Users can create and sell maps/towns in LAND or earn income by renting out LAND.

As it is in the real world, buildings on LAND will need to be constructed by an architect (in the metaverse, we call architects “the builder”). Companies (or GENSO itself) may ask builders to build on LAND.

It is possible to earn income as a builder, or to earn rent as a LAND landowner. Buildings and LAND that have appreciated in value can also be sold as capital.

Earn income by building a new map for GensoKishi Online.

One of the key features significant to the GENSO Metaverse is the ability to create RPGs compatible with GensoKishi Online.

By being able to create a part of the game map for GensoKishi Online, other players will be motivated to visit the userʼs LAND and increase engagement.

For example, users could create an RPG field resembling the city of Shibuya and publish it as a new map.

  1. LAND owners can decide whether to use the player parameters (strength, level, etc) from GensoKishi Online (*1) or to preset an unique set of parameters (*2) only available within the LAND. However, if the LAND has an unique set of parameters, the parameters cannot be transferred to the GensoKishi Online game.

  2. Designs of NFTs in both (*1) and (*2) will consistently stay the same and can be brought in and out between the world of GensoKishi Online and the LAND without restrictions.

  3. The appearance of characters in both (*1) and (*2) will consistently stay the same and traveling between the world of GensoKishi Online and the outside world of LAND would not be any issue.

  4. The total number of NFTs within the GENSO metaverse is fixed. Monsters can be placed within LAND, but the loot dropped by the monsters must be procured by the LAND owner. Owners need to designate which monsters carry the to-be-looted NFTs. All these NFTs can be redesigned by UGC.

Host events in GensoKishi Online and earn income.

Users can host events with entrance fees. There could be numerous types of events, for example defeat enemies on a beach and sell NFTs, or raid bosses with your party guild.

GENSO will provide players with many types of events in multiple locations. It helps Genso provide new experiences outside of the capacity of the development team.

Publish games and earn income

Using the characters and features of GensoKishi Online, completely new games can be created and released to the public.

We will gradually implement the most requested gaming features, such as farming games, sports games, and fishing games, and more.

Users will also be able to create original RPGs, but as this feature requires a lot of program updates, it will be implemented over a period of time.

Earn income by setting up videos, ads, and booths.

When a LAND becomes a popular access spot, users can place videos and banners to earn advertising revenue.

Unique to the metaverse experience, users can set up booths and earn affiliate income from NFTs sold by sponsored companies.

Display the trophies of your adventures and earn revenue through buying and selling.

Rare loot from GensoKishi Onlineʼs quests can be displayed in LAND, be traded and sold to prospective buyers, or be used as a treasure trove of items to showcase the userʼs achievements.

Earn income by organizing a fan club or salon

Users can create fan clubs, host live concert events, birthday parties, and more in your private LAND.

Users will be able to earn revenue through admission fees, sell tickets, and even use the gift function to earn by receiving presents.

Direct users to real-life or other online services, and generate passive income.

For example, users could reproduce a real-life building on LAND, attract customers to physical places and earn revenue outside of the metaverse.

Participating Projects

In releasing LAND to the public, Genso recently announced a partnership with Hikone City, a local government in Japan.

It also announced a partnership with Ledger, the world’s biggest hardware wallet company, who has already opened a store in the “Genso Mall”.

Genso plans to partner with various companies, local governments, and Web3 projects in the future, so stay tuned for more announcements.

LAND Launch Campaign

To celebrate the launch of LAND, GENSO is offering a free 1×1 LAND to 3 winners only.

Winners will be selected from the community so please JOIN NOW

GensoKishi Online -META WORLD- Community

  • Official Site :

  • Twitter :

  • Discord :

  • Telegram(English):

  • Telegram(Chinese) :

  • Telegram(Japanese) :

  • YouTube:

  • White Paper:

Genso will continue to provide cryptogame enthusiasts with updates on this project.

Stay tuned here to get the latest on GensoKishi Online!

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