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GensoKishi Online has announced BNB Chain bridge and listing on a Japanese crypto exchange

The Build N Build (BNB) Chain is a decentralized blockchain network that allows developers and innovators to build decentralized applications (DApps) as part of the transition to Web3.

The BNB Chain is capable of high-speed transaction processing and lower cost transactions than the Ethereum network.

It also supports smart contracts and can be used as a platform for developers to develop new decentralized applications.

GensoKishi will continue to support various chains to expand projects and improve convenience for users.

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Simultaneous Listing of GensoKishi Tokens on Japanese Crypto Exchange “Zaif”

The GensoKishi Online tokens “MV” and “ROND” will be simultaneously listed on the Japanese crypto exchange Zaif at 18:00 on April 26 (Japan Time).

The MV and ROND tokens can be purchased directly from the Polygon chain on Zaif, and the MV and ROND tokens can be imported directly into the game and NFTs can be purchased on the GensoKishi Marketplace.

NFT GiveAway to Commemorate Listing

Created a collaborative NFT with Polygon to commemorate the listing of the Polygon chain MV/ROND on the Japanese exchange.

Through this simultaneous MV/ROND listing, the “Polygon Samurai Sword,” a fashionable NFT with a Japanese sword design, was created in the hope that GensoKishi can take the lead and drive further development of the Polygon ecosystem in Japan.

GensoKishi is planning to continue this commemorative NFT Giveaway within the AMA with Zaif and various other campaigns.

Crypto exchange Zaif

Zaif is a crypto asset exchange operated by CAICA Exchange, Inc.In addition to crypto exchange services, the company offers crypto FX, coin accumulation, automated trading “Otegaru Trade”, automated ranking trade, and other services.

It also handles CAICA Coin (CICC), Fisco Coin (FSCC), and Nexcoin (NCXC), tokens that are only available on Zaif in Japan.

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What is GensoKishi Online

GensoKishi Online is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online (3D MMMO) game developed under license from the Japanese 3D MMMO title “Elemental Knights Online”.

GensoKishi Online is a new version of Elemental Knights Online, which won the “Game of the Year Gold Award” in Taiwan in 2012 and was played by a total of 8 million people.

The service incorporates elements of NFT and GameFi on a metaverse consisting of 3D MMO (3D Massively Multiplayer Online) technology.

It aims to build a new fantasy world economy with blockchain technology.

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