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Glide Technologies - Why is it called the Robinhood of crypto payments?

Being founded just last May, Glide Technologies is a young startup focusing on decentralizing finance through its innovative chrome extension - GlidePay. Since its inception, Glide Pay has attained high traction with strategic partnerships amongst leading wallets in the Algorand ecosystem, including Pera Wallet, and collaborations with European e-commerce giants.

Currently, the chrome extension is in an active limited public launch but is expected to be released to the public in December. In addition, glide Technologies has also partnered with key student-led initiatives like Penn Blockchain to maximize its accessibility to crypto natives.

The extension enables users to privately and securely pay for goods online from merchants, including Amazon, Walmart, and Costco. Users can pay via MetaMask in Ethereum, MATIC, or several stablecoins. The company claims to have a unique edge over its competition due to its fast and cheap user acquisition model.

Glide Technologies is led by an incredibly young team who claim that their vision is to be “a key disruptor in the crypto space.”

Bruno Wejchert, the leader on the business development side, stated that their focus is on “strengthening B2B integrations with wallets and merchants”. There are other exciting products in their pipeline, including their direct B2B integration with leading luxury merchants throughout Europe. The company claims that while there is widespread demand for crypto payments among consumers, merchants still lack the willingness to receive crypto. Their B2B solution bridges the gap by offering consumers the opportunity to pay in crypto while providing merchants payment along their payment rails.

For anyone interested in the crypto space, Glide Tech is an exciting company with enormous growth potential in democratizing cryptocurrencies and becoming the next fintech giant.

Taking Crypto Payments experience to the next level

The Glide Pay chrome extension is set to change how consumers and merchants handle retail payments online. Consumers can finally pay for their goods using their favorite cryptocurrency in a straightforward method. Furthermore, they won't have to go through the laborious process of signing up for -a cryptocurrency exchange and applying for a debit card.

At the same time, merchants will have no reason not to accept cryptocurrency payments anymore. The Glide Pay ecosystem will allow for a seamless integration that lets them receive fiat currency after consumers pay for goods with crypto.

Overall, Glide Pay is ready to set a new standard for payments in the retail sector, finally bringing cryptocurrency to the same level as traditional money.

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