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Globiance will Provide 1 TRILLION GBEX Tokens for Metaverser’s Play-to-Earn Rewards.

Globiance has announced that they will be contributing GBEX Tokens to Metaverser’s Play-to-Earn program. Globiance CEO Oliver la Rosa, has agreed to supply 1 TRILLION GBEX Tokens to Metaverser’s play-to-earn rewards program, enabling players to earn GBEX while playing the virtual game.

GBEX is the utility Power Token used for making transactions and accessing many features on the Globiance platform.

Metaverser has also allocated 15% of its total supply of MTVT tokens, for in-game incentives which will be used to reward the players. Stay tuned as Metaverser plans to release a “How-to” video series, demonstrating how players can earn rewards, along with the various values assigned for completing challenges and leveling up.

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The GBEX Token is a Bank/Exchange utility token on the Globiance Platform designed to offer endless utility and benefits to token holders. Users can use their Globiance debit-card or ‘GBEX tokens’ to go shopping, pay bills, buy/trade on the exchanges, withdraw FIAT and make transactions while earning additional GBEX token rewards. Designed to be a deflationary token, the total GBEX supply is constantly burnt and melted with every transaction and trades placed on the Globiance CEX and DEX platforms.

GBEX is built on the XDC network and Blockchain 4.0 (XDPoS 2.0) – one of the fastest most reliable networks available.

Players on Metaverser stand to reap the benefits of GBEX in the form of Play-to-Earn rewards every time they play on the platform.

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Globiance is a banking and exchange platform complete with payment gateways, banking services, stablecoin, with a centralized and decentralized marketplace. Globiance offers services for both corporate and retail customers from branches in 13 countries, servicing 5 continents – with more on the way. Users have access to crypto and Fiat wallets in many currencies. The personal debit card is a convenient way to access crypto, shop, transact and earn rewards. The Platform’s deflationary token – GBEX, is the house-token of Globiance.

Globiance is based on the XDC network (XinFin) Blockchain 4.0 which utilizes military-grade, secure software. It’s fast and has minimal transaction confirmation times and low transaction fees. Globiance offers ISO20022 interoperability, and even forensic tools


Metaverser is a virtual world that enables users to have fun while playing inside its metaverse and earn income from different play-to-earn games. Metaverser offers play-to-learn missions and challenges. The game incorporates both the world-of-finance and gaming, providing gamers with opportunities to generate income while they play. Gamers have more control by adding real-world value to their online entertainment. Metaverser offers Virtual Reality technology, Free-to-Play, Game, Rent-to-play and more!

Globiance, the financial all-in-one platform is making its entrance onto the virtual gaming stage through its partnership with Metaverser – benefitting players and GBEX holders alike. This collaborative venture will introduce players to the Globiance Platform, while at the same time opening the Metaverser door to GBEX holders. Rewarding players with a power utility token like GBEX will help to build Blockchain foundations and increase intrinsic value and stability for both Metaverser players and GBEX Token holders. – Information about our token. – Globiance homepage – GlobianceDEX – EU Platform – Metaverser Homepage

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