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Go!Labs Empowers Global Change with AI and Community Challenges.

Go!Labs Empowers Global Change with AI and Community Challenges.
Go!Labs Empowers Global Change with AI and Community Challenges.

Singapore, Singapore, August 14th, 2023, Chainwire

The Go! Initiative stands at the forefront of AI-powered weekly global competitions, poised to drive substantial global impact. Leveraging advanced AI technology, their weekly global competitions transcend traditional boundaries, uniting a diverse global community in a shared pursuit of positive change. Each week, participants are presented with captivating challenges that encourage social, environmental, and personal betterment. Through these dynamic competitions, Go! not only showcases the transformative potential of AI but also empowers individuals worldwide to contribute to meaningful causes, fostering a collective movement toward a brighter and more sustainable future.

Dive right into the future of engaging impact experiences. One can kickstart their journey on Twitter and further immerse in the ecosystem by engaging in conversations on Discord. The experience isn’t just pioneering an impact revolution; it’s shaping the next era of Web3, intertwining thrilling real-life experiences with significant global impact in the multi-billion-dollar ESG market.

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Fueled by the convergence of blockchain, generative AI, and an AI Copilot, Go! offers an immersive on-chain experience, backed by RWA (Real-World Assets). These assets guarantee tangible and verifiable value to every in-game achievement and token, transforming virtual wins into real-world impacts.

SmartChain: The Web3 System supporting Go!

Developed by Go! Labs, SmartChain integrates Layer 1 AI-optimized zkEVM tech, paving the way for a more performant and eco-efficient system. This results in superior on-chain experiences, minimized gas fees, and a sustainable ecosystem. The introduction of DePIN ensures that user interactions are not just fast, but also secure, private, and tailored, revolutionizing the blockchain realm.

Engage, Earn & Empower

  • Harness the Potential of AI: Through an innovative AI Copilot, participants are guided toward meaningful interactions that lead to remarkable rewards. By delving into genuine engagements, individuals can unlock unique experiences that empower them on a global scale.

  • Community-Centric Challenges and Recognition: The platform offers community-centered challenges that resonate with participants' shared values. As contributors distinguish themselves through impactful actions, they gain access to exclusive $HLTHY tokens, solidifying their role as catalysts for positive change. The engagement journey not only fosters growth but also fosters a tangible impact backed by Real-World Assets (RWA), aligning personal achievements with a greater purpose.

Validators and Shaping the Web3 Future

Go! Labs is also scouting for skilled validators for SmartChain. If you’re equipped to influence the future of blockchain and Web3, dive into the tech specifics, onboarding processes, and research documents here. Visit to learn more.

Join, Play, Transform

Embark on a journey that fuses global health, impact, and next-gen Web3 tech with Go! Stay updated on Twitter and partake in weekly global health competitions on their Discord under “Events.”

About Go! Labs

Go! Labs is a group of experienced industry professionals working towards improving the quality of life on a global scale. Supported by notable industry VCs with an established distribution network and a solid user base, Go! Labs are working on financial inclusion, data monetization, climate concerns, healthcare revolution, and web3 innovation. To learn more about Go! Labs and their work, visit

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