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Go Markets UK Is Offering a 50% Rebate Bonus on FX & Commodities Trades

Go Markets, the regulated and reputable CFD trading platform, has recently begun a new campaign that has rocked the trading industry.

The leading MT4 and MT5 CFD trading platform offers a 50% rebate campaign to all new and existing customers.

If you are looking for the best CFD trading platform in the UK, Go Markets could be just that.

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Get paid for every trade with a 50% trading credit bonus

Deposit between $100 and $15000 at Go Markets and receive 50% back instantly as trading credits. Then trade the credits to turn them into cash.

For every FX or metal contract, Retail Standard Account users will receive $2, and Retail Plus Account users will receive $1.

And for index or oil contracts, both account types will receive $0.10 per contract.

This offer is available for new and existing customers and is a fantastic opportunity for traders to boost their P&L sheets. The free credits result in a better average entry price into positions, leading to a better average profit.

Or users can instantly withdraw the free cash once they have traded it out of credits.

Low spreads from zero pips

One of the main issues traders face when trading CFD contracts is wide spreads. Spreads are generally a result of volatility and liquidity. Spreads are wide for trading pairs with high volatility and low liquidity. And the nature of CFDs is that they are volatile due to leverage.

This means traders end up with less value for money, costing them their profit.

However, as one of the best CFD brokers in the UK, Go Markets provides some of the tightest spreads in the UK, starting from 0.0 pips for the Go Plus+ Account and the Standard Account starting at 1.0 pips.

Moreover, fees on the platform are notoriously low, particularly compared to other CFD trading platforms in the UK.

The Standard Account does not charge commission on trades, and the Go Plus+ account charges £2 per lot per side traded.

The platform does not charge non-trading fees, making Go Markets one of the cheapest trading platforms for users.

Referral program

For those looking to earn a second income stream, Go Markets offers a referral program that pays very well. The platform claims that some referrers earn a full-time income by only referring a handful of users each month.

Referrers can earn up to $7 per lot and receive a dedicated account manager, real-time payment as clients trade, a referral dashboard and IB portal access to track clients.

The program is ideal for those with an engaged online audience interested in trading CFDs, for example, trading signal providers, education providers and trading services.

Market insights and trading strategies

Go Markets is one of the leading providers in the UK of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. These trading tools provide users with a customizable trading experience, technical indicators, fast trade execution, a forex signal service and much more.

The signal service, a-Quant, provides 9-12 forex daily signals, telling users to buy or sell a contract via email.

MT4 and MT5 level the playing field between the everyday retail trader and institutional investors.

Traders can also create and backtest customized trading strategies to see what works before risking their capital.

There are also much more advanced trading capabilities of the trading tools provided by Go Markets, such as the ability to run scripts, deploy trading bots and use advanced trading tools like the Fibonacci forex analysis.

About Go Markets

Go Markets is a CFD trading platform founded in 2006 in Australia and is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius. Although now it operates and is fully regulated in the EU and the UK.

The platform, most famous for being one of the first in the UK to provide MT4 and MT5 capabilities to the UK market, provides some of the tightest spreads and has received numerous awards for outstanding customer service and market-leading user experience.

Users can get started on the regulated brokerage platform with no deposit fees and peace of mind that their funds are secure, as Go Markets segregates clients’ funds.

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