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“Gold has been the best performing investment asset over the last two decades”

The price of gold is currently outperforming the majority of the other investment options available to retail traders including stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. In January this year, it became known that many central banks are stockpiling gold, which was an additional sign that the precious metal is expected to play a vital role in the financial and investment world in the foreseeable future.

Many believe that over the following 12 to 24 months, gold will be among the best markets to be in and, as a result, everyone is looking to get into it. With the currently available investment options such as gold stocks, ETFs and physical gold, some companies are exploring new gateways to the market.

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Easygold Token: the future of gold investing

Recently, a new project called Easygold Token emerged with a disruptive business model that is expected to provide everyone willing to become a gold investor with a new way to participate in the market. Easygold removes some of the biggest concerns for smaller investors such as minimum capital requirements, fees on trading platforms, storage costs for physical gold or shareholder dilution with gold stocks. The project creates a security token with a limited supply that represents real gold and also gives profit share rights in the net profit of the company of up to 50% to its holders that are paid out annually. The token can be bought for as little as 1 EUR at the sale, not counting any discounts for early adopters.

To learn more about Easygold Token, we decided to interview Mustapha Hasni, the CEO of the project and the company behind it, Hartmann & Benz.

The company behind Easygold Token, Hartmann & Benz, has been active on the market for precious metals for more than 3 years now. Can you give us a high-level overview of its background and how it all started?

We founded the company in 2019 and shortly after we introduced the Gold Account product, which allows customers to buy physical gold bars at some of the lowest market prices available today, starting with a capital of just 10 EUR. In just 10 months, we managed to attract over 1000 customers and generate €768,000 in revenue.

We received multiple certifications from reputable institutions such as the German Institute for Quality Assurance (Deutsches Institut für Qualitätsstandards und -prüfung) and got featured in several media outlets such as NTV, Welt, Wallstreet Online and Bloomberg.

How did you decide to start a business that revolves around gold?

Since 2000, gold has outperformed the S&P 500, DowJones and other indexes by a considerable margin. In fact, we can go as far as to say that gold has been one of the best, if not the best, asset classes over the last two decades. While some other investment options might have scored bigger returns at some points in the past, their volatility has been considerably higher than gold and the level of uncertainty and risk as well. Gold offers a much better balance between returns and risk, especially during certain economic time frames such as high inflation, stagflation and recessions.

What is more, gold is a commodity with a limited total supply with an ever increasing scarcity. The cost and difficulty of mining are increasing, which makes the precious metal more and more valuable. Most importantly, this will further develop in the future, so the price is expected to only go up in the long term. And unlike stocks that can have various ways of putting the investor at a difficult spot such as increased shareholder dilution and other sorts of manipulation, gold in its pure form as a commodity does not present the investors with such dangers.

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What is the goal of the Easygold Token project? What are the advantages of Easygold Token over other options that are already available?

The Easygold Token project is the natural extension of our traditional business model as it relies on our already established operational chain and suppliers, yet it is a considerable step-up in how we are planning to provide investors with a new alternative to all traditional methods for gold investing.

We are creating a security token with a limited total supply that will yield profit share rights of up to 50% of our net profit derived from our operational model. 100% of the funds we raise are used for the purchase of raw gold at low prices directly from our supplier network. This gold is then processed into LBMA certified 999,9 gold bars, which are then sold at the open markets with a net profit of 20% to 30%. The revenue is reinvested again in the same process, starting it anew and allowing us to scale the business model with every next cycle in geometric fashion.

Because we dedicate 100% of the proceedings we collect at the Security Token Offering to the purchase of raw gold and the process to transform it into gold bars, the EASG token essentially represents gold, albeit indirectly. While there is no possibility for gold redemption against the token and EASG is not backed by gold since we do not hold reserves for that purpose, we offer some of the highest profit share percentages currently on the market. Our investors can thus not only possess a financial instrument that represents the price of gold, but also get access to a reliable source of passive income.

The timing for a project such as Easygold Token might have never been better. The business model is expected to considerably profit from the expected price increase of gold over the next months and years. To learn more about the project, the company and team behind it, as well as the details surrounding their operational and business model, visit and consider subscribing to their newsletter.

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