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Gridex Protocol Launches on Arbitrum and Announces Airdrop#2 on 1st March

Gridex, a cutting-edge fully on-chain order book trading protocol, has announced the launch of its platform on Arbitrum and the commencement of its second round Airdrop on 1st March. The partnership with Arbitrum is an exciting development for Gridex Protocol, as it enables the platform to leverage the benefits of Arbitrum's Layer 2 scaling technology, providing users with fast and efficient transactions with significantly lower gas fees. it marks a significant milestone for Gridex Protocol as it seeks to offer its users a faster and more efficient DeFi experience.

Arbitrum's Layer 2 scaling technology allows for high throughput, low-latency transactions that are significantly cheaper than those on the Ethereum network. By launching on Arbitrum, Gridex Protocol can leverage these benefits and offer its users a seamless DeFi experience. Moreover, Arbitrum's ecosystem provides a strong network effect, with a growing number of DeFi projects adopting the platform. Gridex Protocol's integration ensures that it can tap into an increasing user base and attract more liquidity to its platform, in continuity with its broader strategy to provide users with a best-in-class DeFi experience. By leveraging the latest technology and partnering with leading players in the space, Gridex Protocol aims to offer users a comprehensive suite of DeFi solutions that meet their diverse needs.

Gridex Protocol: Next Generation DEX Protocol

The Gridex Protocol is the first fully on-chain order book trading protocol for the Ethereum ecosystem. Gridex provides the missing jigsaw piece for on-chain DEXs, currently dominated by AMMs, that will catalyze DeFi mass adoption.

Gridex Protocol is the only order book protocol allowing anyone to create any trading pair freely without permission. Through their novel “maker orders”, Gridex has achieved order book gas costs as low as AMMs with zero-slippage and negative fees. Users will utilize the liquidity provided by other users within the Gridex ecosystem and also be able to use the liquidity aggregated from other DEX.

To further bolster its security measures, Gridex Protocol has undergone an audit by CertiK, a leading blockchain security firm. The audit covered all aspects of the protocol, including its smart contracts, on-chain order book, and overall security architecture. The audit revealed no critical vulnerabilities or high-risk issues, giving users the assurance that the platform is secure.

Airdrop#2: Worth looking forward to and witnessing the success

The first round of airdrop saw Gridex distributing tokens to its users as a reward for their immense support and participation in the project. Unsurprisingly 4,000,000 GDX was snapped up within 24 hours as Gridex users were eagerly waiting for the airdrop. In all, the Gridex airdrop was a massive success as thousands of users participated.

Gridex protocol's second round airdrop is set to take place in March. Users can expect the airdrop to be a significant event, offering a chance to earn more tokens and benefit from the platform's growth.

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