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Hawex: Who Said That Cryptocurrency Is Not Universal?

The functionality of payment services is rapidly expanding in the cryptocurrency market, allowing cryptocurrency to enter real life. However, seamless payments between the crypto world and the fiat world are only coming into use.

Hawex is a fintech company that has developed a payment ecosystem for businesses and individuals. Hawex uses several basic tools to create convenient conditions for its customers' transactions — this is the PSP (Payment Service Provider) offer, cryptoprocessing and a financial mobile application. Hawex Mobile is a tool directly for individuals to simplify their interaction with cryptocurrency.

Hawex Mobile is a financial mobile application for Android and iOS that connects the fiat and cryptocurrency worlds. It gives the user the opportunity to manage their finances without restrictions and additional conversions. For example, a person has funds in cryptocurrency, but cannot use it to pay for goods and services in the real world.

Hawex Mobile is aimed at solving the problem of interacting with a large number of market participants. The client will be provided with a tool in the form of a crypto card, with which they will be able to pay for goods and services with a cryptocurrency attached to this card. Thus, Hawex Mobile provides its users with a seamless connection between cryptocurrency and fiat.

This is a topical solution, since in a number of European jurisdictions it is allowed to use cryptocurrency as an official means of payment. Accordingly, many companies want to pay their employees in cryptocurrency. But they are limited by the lack of infrastructure for the legal conduct of such settlements with individuals.

Moreover, for an individual, the world of cryptocurrency looks complicated. A person needs time and effort to understand networks, tokens, market volatility, etc. The user-friendly interface of the Hawex mobile application gives its user the opportunity to solve their daily tasks in a few clicks, and pay for goods and services.

In addition to providing a simple entry point into the cryptocurrency world for the B2C segment, Hawex Mobile provides its customers with access to classic banking services. This allows you to open iban accounts, get virtual cards and link them to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Hawex’s mission is to create and maintain an ecosystem where territorial boundaries will not matter. The geographical scaling of the Hawex Mobile is planned in three stages. At the first stage, the custodial and Web3 wallets will be available to the whole world, with the exception of the USA, the UK, Russia, Belarus, European countries and countries from the FATF blacklist.

This will be followed by expanding the geography and providing the opportunity to use the crypto card in Europe. In the third release, the crypto card will be able to enter the market in the Persian Gulf. The gradual expansion of geography will reveal the full potential of the product.

Hawex Mobile – payment ecosystem

Hawex's internet acquiring offers allow you to make debit and credit card payments online around the world. Through PSP, Hawex regulates the payment service for businesses, becoming an agent of financial institutions, and provides its customers with convenient functionality for data processing and payment routing. In other words, Hawex PSP is an integrator for partner banks and a navigator for the client in the cryptocurrency space.

In addition to Internet acquiring, Hawex provides an opportunity for cryptoprocessing. This is a convenient payment method that can be combined with the others already available to the client. Hawex takes over the functions of a PSP, which gives more favorable conditions than using standard fiat technologies – cryptocurrency transactions are faster and cheaper. Online stores that use the Hawex cryptoprocessing functionality expand their products offer for customers of the cryptocurrency market and raise the level of sales. Furthermore, it becomes more convenient for customers to purchase their products.

Acting as a payment service provider, Hawex also enables a legal entity to open an account for storing the company's cryptocurrency and use it to pay its employees, generate payroll forms and transfer money to the addresses of individuals’ wallets. Wallet addresses are generated directly in Hawex Mobile, and the recipient can carry out operations with tokens transferred to their account.

Hawex: vector for security and environmental friendliness

To reduce the risk of using the company's services for unreliable purposes, Hawex Mobile complies with several levels of restrictions when registering new users who want to take advantage of a custodial wallet.

Firstly, when announcing the launch of a new product, Hawex always clarifies the geography available for use.

Secondly, registration takes place inside the application via a phone number, which allows you to immediately validate geolocation data. Thus, countries where the company's services are not provided are not allowed to register.

​​Thirdly, there is a restriction on the display of the application in stores according to regional settings – Hawex Mobile is not shown to customers if the company's offer does not apply to their country of residence. Another stage of security compliance is the mandatory KYC procedure. Without passing identification and verification, the client will not be able to access the functionality of the custodial wallet in the Hawex ecosystem.

Hawex Mobile is a fully digital product that does not use paper document management. Unfortunately, creating a completely eco-friendly product is impossible as long as people have a need for a plastic crypto card.

However, Hawex has included 5€ in the cost of each card to help ecological funds that are engaged in cleaning the oceans from plastic pollution.

The cryptocurrency market is an opportunity for humanity to take a step towards a more environmentally friendly relationship with the world. Financial turnover, reporting, mutual settlements, purchases and savings — all these processes will be able to function exclusively in the digital space when the cryptocurrency world becomes convenient and understandable to everyone.

Thanks to its products, Hawex reduces the distance between the user and the cryptocurrency, making interaction with it as accessible as possible. A person can receive a salary with tokens, and pay for goods and services already in the form of fiat, without unnecessary actions. This option is the main unique offer in the Hawex ecosystem.

Hawex helps the user to overcome the barrier between cryptocurrency and fiat and comfortably use the advantages of the cryptocurrency market in everyday life.

Disclaimer: This is a paid release that was not written by Crypto Online News. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of Crypto Online News. Crypto Online News does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

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