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Hector Network, an expanding Ecosystem

Hector, one of the fastest growing platforms, has officially rebranded itself as Hector Network to reflect the recent changes made to the ecosystem and the project’s entry into various domains of the blockchains. Hector Network won’t be just about staking rewards anymore, but a platform that offers a lot more to their community by employing several protocols and offering a plethora of interesting options in the crypto space.

Also, Hector Network reiterates the fact that the rebranding or transition hasn’t overburdened any of the services, systems, or servers or affected the rewards and payout process. Also, Hector Network is working on getting its native coin, $HEC, on multiple blockchains after the recent listing on the Binance Smart Chain.

Hector Network is soon collaborating with a leading football club, which it has been working on for a while now, and it’s soon going public. It will enable the platform to reach out to more individuals, expand the community, increase engagement, and become a significant player in the market.

Hector Network is also working on several other projects slated to be released in the coming months. It includes the NFT Marketplace Atlantica launching in August, the platform’s own NFT collection that will be made available on the marketplace, Launchpad to help other projects thrive in a competitive market, Education Center the much-anticipated Metaverse and plenty of more subprojects.

There will be many more collaborations, partnerships, and product releases in the days to come. The rebranding is just the start of an exciting phase in the development and growth of Hector Network. Stay tuned and keep supporting the platform as you have been!

All about the Hector Network

Hector Network plans to create an ecosystem that is sustainable and it’s clear the team is here to stay . To achieve this, the very first idea employed by them was the deflationary nature of tokens. It basically means that revenue generated from the platform will be used to buy back tokens and burn them from time to time, i.e., sending them to a dead wallet. When the number of available tokens decreases, it creates scarcity and demand.

The team decided to develop Hector Network first on the Fantom Opera Chain. It is far more advanced, transactions are verified quickly, and the transaction fees are meager. These combined aspects ensure the sustainability, viability, and large-scale adoption of the Fantom Opera Chain and Hector Network. The numbers released in recent years are a testament to it. Fantom Opera Chain has been handling more daily transactions than Ethereum.

Also, to further enhance the accessibility, Hector Network plans to introduce cross-chain support. It will also allow future users to convert a token on one chain to a different token on the other with a single click. Besides, it will let the project increase liquidity and expand further.

Coming to the investment and revenue generated ever since the launch of Hector Network. It has already raised over $70,000,000 as of now. The funds are now being invested in developing all sub-projects of the ecosystem and advertising the platform. It provides a clear picture that Hector Network is a project that will stay and thrive in the coming years.

So, if you haven’t yet thought about Hector Network and considered it as a valuable platform, do it right away. There couldn’t be a better time for it. The market has started to stabilize, and the project has so much to offer, which, combined, will make Hector Network the next big thing in the crypto space.

To find out more about Hector Network, the ecosystem surrounding it, and the tokens, visit the official website:

Also, do not forget to follow Hector Network on all social channels to stay updated with the recent developments and releases.

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